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    • Over a year ago
    • Please help.I try to import an fbx file(from blender)to muvizu,the size is 156kb.But it always says "there's no enough room. Please try another location".There are 2 locations,relative coordinate & absolute to director.I tried both but still fail
      • Over a year ago by MrDrWho13
      • This means you are too close to the Muvizu skydome and it's trying to place the object outside of the boundaries.
        Try moving upwards by holding the left and right mouse buttons and moving your mouse forwards. Now import the object again.
      • Over a year ago by heny-astuti
      • Ok...thanks 4 ur answer
      • Over a year ago by ziggy72
      • Scaling between packages is always tough to guess, but I know blender makes things gigantic (in Muvizu terms). Rescale your blender objects to 1/10th the original size and they should be easier to import, in my experience anyway :)
      • Over a year ago by heny-astuti
      • Yes you're right. I'm able to import the object now, but it's very big. I think I must scale it into much smaller size. Thanks 4 your suggestion.
      • Over a year ago by drewi
      • Try making the object in blender smaller in scale and also moving to another area in muvizu....some times i have to go higher up in the muvizu space and further away. Once it loads you can rescale in Muvizu.
    • Over a year ago
    • I get confused where to copy paste the License Key of Muvizu Play +. I don't see the License Manager in my Muvizu app. Please Help!tx
      • Over a year ago by MrDrWho13
      • Copy your key and go to file-->Upgrade-->Enter code
      • Over a year ago by heny-astuti
      • that's the problem...there's no space to copy paste in the "enter code". I don't don't why.When I click it it tells me to copy in the clipboard. I don't understand it. please help.
      • Over a year ago by lawrence-perel
      • Hello tech-support
        Looks like I cannot activate the software that the purchase. It doesn't give me an option to do that all the backgrounds and the characters has a lack on it. Can you help me with this issue
        thank you
      • Over a year ago by heny-astuti
      • Thank you MrDrWho for your willingness to help. It works. Yesterday I didn't copy first, but just clicked the enter code first, so it was not detected.