Wimbledon is coming!

Wimbledon is coming!

by Mike_Num_5
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Get the strawberries and cream out! Wimbledon is coming to Muvizu!

As always, please feel free to modify, smash, steal, grab, flip, rotate and basically do anything you want with the set :)

Have fun!

15 : <3 !

andy murray, animation, ball, nadal, racket, stadium, tennis, tournament, wimbledon

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  1. Dreeko Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • Dreeko - Over a year ago
    • Looks great!
  2. ziggy72 Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • ziggy72 - Over a year ago
    • Hmmm... fair enough, but how do we get the characters to hold rackets?!
  3. Mike_Num_5
    • Mike_Num_5 - Over a year ago
    • Never thought that far ahead about the rackets :)

      Just wanted some practice at making some sets!
      Suppose you could always make a Nalbandian movie about kicking a line judge! :)
  4. toonarama Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • toonarama - Over a year ago
    • Another great set - thank you