Football Pitch With Floodlights

Football Pitch With Floodlights

by Mike_Num_5
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Football set re-mastered!

Added a few bits and bobs:

2x Dugouts
4x Corner Flags
2x Proper Goals
1x Player Tunnel


animation, flood lights, floodlights, football, football match, pitch, playing field, set, soccer, sport, stadium

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  1. pepeghj
    • pepeghj - Over a year ago
    • Its very good
  2. gridironguy
    • gridironguy - Over a year ago
    • Hello:

      I would like to modify this set into a different pitch, an American (gridiron) football field. How can this be accomplished?

      Thank you for the help!
  3. fosforino
    • fosforino - Over a year ago
    • Grazie, è ben fatto.