Dairy Farm

Dairy Farm

by Rebel
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Small Dairy Farm

dairy, farm

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  1. dannybright
    • dannybright - Over a year ago
    • another awesome set! Rebel you rock! Do you use sketchup to do this? I would love to know how to make stuff too. I'll check the basic tutorials! Have you ever thought of makin video's? Put em up for a buck apiece and make yourself some gravy friend! You sure deserve it mate!
  2. Rebel
    • Rebel - Over a year ago
    • Thanks Danny, no, I don't use sketchup, I don't model although I do occasionally raid their 3D-Warehouse when I can't create what I need within Muvizu, such as the cows! Can you imagine how grotesque a cow would be made from Muvizu components! LOL.

      I use abstract shapes and the use of imported textures, with these you can make no end of items, the end result will blend into Muvizu far better then an imported model, just be sure to watch the basic tutorials before and have some patience.
  3. starlitemoon
    • starlitemoon - Over a year ago
    • This is wonderful, thank you so much
  4. filkertom
    • filkertom - Over a year ago
    • I am consistently flabbergasted and mightily impressed with your work. Awesome, simply awesome.
  5. Bastien
    • Bastien - Over a year ago
    • merci beaucoup