The Law Courts

The Law Courts

by Rebel
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Lots of detail in this one. behind door number one we have a High Court Judges bench, Court register's & reporters bench, jury box for twelve just men! Witness box, evidence, Prosecutor & Defence council's desks and a secure caged dock for the prisoners with rear stairs leading down to two lower holding cells, also has a large public seating area.

Outside Court No.1's door we have a waiting bench for witnesses and a walkway leading to a small private office. Downstairs leads to two fake doors for courts No.2 & No.3, a waiting area and a small reception desk for paying fines etc. All housed within a suitable court like looking building. Next to which is a Pay & Display car park.

Everything is behind behind "closed doors" so to enter rooms you will have to clip through the doors or walls to gain access as I built the layout for the courtroom first and then built everything else around this. It's all about the No.1 Courtroom itself, everything else is secondary.

car, cells, county, court, courthouse, display, judge, jury, law, magistrates, park, pay

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  1. ziggy72 Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • ziggy72 - Over a year ago
    • Again, very nice job on the layout. Good windows on the outside too.
  2. starlitemoon
    • starlitemoon - Over a year ago
    • This is one place I hope I never end up. It looks great, thank you
  3. Freeman
    • Freeman - Over a year ago
    • Bellissimo set...bravo!!! :)
  4. rhnadar
    • rhnadar - Over a year ago
    • hello sir i have downloaded this set but it is showing an error it says download required content pack whar should i do
  5. daveharper
    • daveharper - Over a year ago
    • I cannot seem to download this too - please help