by drewi
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More city buildings with crossroads system template..tip make sure the crossroads is scaled up and test your characters scale down so both become compatible.includes dummy animated screen on building.

buildings, crossroads, skyscraper

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  1. drewi Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • drewi - Over a year ago
      Utilising my building assets,Inspired by the Archer TV cartoon series intro,Sort of economically sets up an animated city location,where you could zoom into an office and begin a story.rough audio thrown on for atmos.
      using the crossroads template and the buildings scale deformers you could set up many different city locations.
      Though not perhaps as cartoony as muvizu buildings they still work i feel.
  2. InsaneHamster
    • InsaneHamster - Over a year ago
    • Thanks for all the content share. Great job.
  3. Reimmeister
    • Reimmeister - Over a year ago
    • Dubai like. Nice. I like the advertisement ;)
  4. EEFilmz Experimental user
    • EEFilmz - Over a year ago
    • Great city drewi THANKS!!
  5. starlitemoon
    • starlitemoon - Over a year ago
    • Wow, looks great, thank you