mobile phone conversation

mobile phone conversation

by drewi
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2 people with mobiles having conversation.
includes separate mobile phone so you can hook it up with other characters...[play plus needed]

mobile, mobile phone

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  1. drychalice
    • drychalice - Over a year ago
    • Very nice, thank you.
  2. animall
    • animall - Over a year ago
    • Thanks, very useful
  3. animall
    • animall - Over a year ago
    • very handy for these days environment. thank you
  4. Tangledbliss
    • Tangledbliss - Over a year ago
    • Nice, but then of course you have to do some sort of jiggery pokery with with a video editor or compositor to show them talking. All it really needed was two separate actions, pick up/ hold pose and shut off.
  5. Bastien
    • Bastien - Over a year ago
    • merci beaucoup