by PatMarrNC
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Set of 14 new bird characters, based on the Muvizu Blob. Beaks do not cover mouths so characters can respond appropriately to dialog. Useful in situations where you need characters that can talk, move or respond to the environment. Stylized cartoonish look and feel is the same as the basic Muvizu characters. May be freely used, improved, modified, adapted, expanded, whatever.

Set also includes a bird cage with collision all around, so bird must enter the cage through the top.

Demo video:

Due to the fact that attachments seem to lose their collision when you join them to a character, the blobs collision forces the feet below ground. In applications where you need to see the feet, use an invisible ground plane under the birds

To use these characters in your projects, open this set, right click on each character and open the EDIT dialog, then select the FAVOURITES tab and add them to your favourites list. Add to your projects from favourites.

bird cage, birds, blue jay, budgie, cardinal, chicken, crow, duck, eagle, gull, hawk, hen, hummingbird, mallard, parakeet, pat marr, robin, rooster, swallow

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  1. tripfreak Experimental user
  2. remiel
    • remiel - Over a year ago
    • Thanks for the little birdies!
  3. rodier
    • rodier - Over a year ago
    • merci pour les OISEAUX GRATUIT
  4. MickeyAardvark
    • MickeyAardvark - Over a year ago
    • Wow magic!!......cant wait to usethem!!!!! thanx
  5. tripletdad123