GRAND PIANO (+ new hair style)

GRAND PIANO (+ new hair style)

by PatMarrNC
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Considering how much music gear is available for Muvizu, I was surprised there was no Grand Piano. Well, now there is. There are some surface oscillations on the curved areas of the piano body so you may need to frame shots in such a way as to not draw attention to it. If I solve the problem I will post a link here to the fixed model.

Set is saved in the latest version of MUVIZU and won't open in previous versions

The set you download contains the entire animation in the demo video below, including a new hair style for Mandy


requires keyframe pack due to built-in demo

grand piano

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  1. ziggy72 Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • ziggy72 - Over a year ago
    • Love it.
  2. PatMarrNC Muvizu mogul
    • PatMarrNC - Over a year ago
    • NOTE: the left hand in Muvizu's "play keyboard" action goes up and down about 120 times in a minute... so if you use it with a song that plays at 120bpm you should be able to synch the action to the music fairly well. The song in the demo was NOT at 120 bpm, (didn't sound right at that speed.... ) but if you are writing music from scratch, you can put the bpm wherever you want it. ;-)
  3. Amissimal
  4. holger
    • holger - Over a year ago
    • awesome! Hope one day I will be half way there...jajaja
  5. tonyob67
    • tonyob67 - Over a year ago
    • I used your beautiful grand piano in a video and forget to thank you and congratulate you on your great work...your da man