by PatMarrNC
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An assortment of stuff pertaining to Halloween: Frankenstein's monster, Wolfman, a graveyard , and some kids in costumes. Also a Skeleton with oversized head attachment so he fits with the look of the new characters. His mouth has two positions (open and closed) so it can be keyframed or directed to speak simple phrases. Set includes an example.

update: I see some people have not been able to load the set... it might require the keyframe pack...I can't remember

costumes, frankenstein, Graveyard, Halloween, Skeleton, wolf man

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  1. dannybright
    • dannybright - Over a year ago
    • Holy flying witches Pat! this is awesome. GOing to have to make a movie now! Thanks again for this totally cool set and props and characters and
  2. Chas60
    • Chas60 - Over a year ago
    • I have Muvizu Play: +. I also have the latest versions of Muvizu. When I tried to download your Monster Mish-Mash, I got this error.

      The feature you are trying to use is not licensed for this version of Muvizu.

      Do I need a certain expansion pack to use this?

      Thank u,

  3. chaver
    • chaver - Over a year ago
    • Thank you for sharing
  4. Witchy
    • Witchy - Over a year ago
    • Wonderful PatMarrNC, thanks. Resources like yours are simply brilliant
  5. drsvprasad
    • drsvprasad - Over a year ago
    • When clicked on Download file button, it gives the message Unavailable media for the address: