by PatMarrNC
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This forklift can't drive around because it isn't all one solid piece. However, its driver can interact with the environment, and the forks can move up and down.

You'd use this model for stationary scenes where the vehicle is parked, or the driver is talking or the forks are raising or lowering a load. Set comes with payload options shown in photo, and you can also import your own payloads to use with this forklift.

And even though it can't drive around, you can still use animated backdrops to make it LOOK like it's driving. (If you only want 1 forklift, DL this one. )

Demo video:

to use the different fork combos:
1) drag-move the fork combo to the from of the forklift
2) PREPARE > OBJECT MOVEMENT > pick the active fork combo
3) set animation to use DIRECTing or key framing
4) Switch to Direct
5) start recording and move your forks

You can also position all 3 combos to the front at once, then direct visibility so you can only see one

factory, forklift, loading dock, machine shop

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