Medieval - muvizu style - castle

Medieval - muvizu style - castle

by Ammostro
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Ok, I did the test. I would earn a little bit for the time I spend to design all this stuff. So now its for free. Enjoy.

Build your own castle in MUVIZU-style.

With modular pieces the building never ends. Copy/paste as much as you want.

Collision on walls, towers, gate. Colors can be customized.

The set is a full castle as show on the picture, build with the following pieces:

A wall without sidestones 3 tilts
A wall with sidestones 3 tilts
A wall with sidestones 7 tilts
A wall with sidestones 14 tilts
1 round tower
1 big gate
a castle door
a tower door
a wallstair


castle, medieval, modular, pieces

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  1. Thanapongxxx
    • Thanapongxxx - Over a year ago