Medieval Market stall fish and vegetables

Medieval Market stall fish and vegetables

by Ammostro
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Ok, I did the test. I would earn a little bit for the time I spend to design all this stuff. So now its for free. Enjoy.

A Miedieval stall, fisch and vegetables.

The stall uses transparency. How to do this, see end of this post.

1 set files with all the stuff:

a stall with cloth (transparency)
a stall without cloth
2 cloth (blue and yellow (transparency)
1 stall usable without transparency (yellow)
a table
a box aubergine
a box carrot
a box pumpkin
a box empty
aubergine, carrot, pumpkin, 2 x fish
A barrel

Fat Man with decals

For some market stalls, your transparency must turn on. How you do that :

With, explorer, search in the directory Program Files\Muvizu\MuvizuGame\Config the file DefaultGame.ini . Open this one with your notepad, and search for the next rule : m_bStripVideoAlpha=True
Replace True by False and save the file. Restart muvizu and you see that the market stall has transparency cloth.


If there is any problem or question, se

aubergine, carrot, fish, market, medieval, pumpkin, stall, transparency

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  1. Tekendraraj
    • Tekendraraj - Over a year ago
    • thanks thats whai i need...........
  2. Thanapongxxx
    • Thanapongxxx - Over a year ago