Medieval stuff

Medieval stuff

by Ammostro
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A bench, stool, wagon, wheel barrow and wooden tower.
All credits to Daniel Andersson, the guy who designed it. Downloaded from, free from copyright and free to use.
Retextured by me.
Bench, stool and tower can be sit and stand on it.

Have fun.

bench, medieval, stool, stuff, tower

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  1. PatMarrNC Muvizu mogul
    • PatMarrNC - Over a year ago
    • thanks ammostro... and I like your prominent display of credits, that is an excellent idea!
  2. Ammostro
    • Ammostro - Over a year ago
    • That's the least one can do, right. :-)
  3. Ammostro
    • Ammostro - Over a year ago
    • From now on, I created my own stuff. This is so much fun.
  4. Gr8danedog
    • Gr8danedog - Over a year ago
    • That domain is gone, 4 sale, actually for some time now.
      So i am unsure where or how you obtained these items.
      Date posted 3/25/2017/ 621 PM EST
  5. Ammostro
    • Ammostro - Over a year ago
    • Sorry, my mistake, its