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13/08/2016 13:51:21

bigwallyMuvizu mogulExperimental user
Posts: 399
I have now settled in Tennessee. Just got my Internets working thanks to Comcast... er... I mean Xfinity.

Tennessee is beautiful (except for the humidity, I remember Texas). People are generally nicer than those in Arizona (no meth-heads around these parts). The cats are doing fine(outside) and our dog, Kazak, is loving it. So many trees!

Downloaded the latest Muvizu and tweaked it to work with DX9 and, so far, it's doing fine. Will test it more. (Still no layers, must be a DX11 "thing"). Need to get a better computer and graphics card. My health is better and my blood pressure is no longer through the roof.

Here's a postcard...

Goodbye, for now.

13/08/2016 14:42:53

MrDrWho13Muvizu mogulExperimental user
Posts: 2220
Thanks for the update, Bigwally!
I'm glad to hear that you're in better health.

I don't know much about US geography so I've no idea how different Texas is to Tennesee.

Layers are restricted to DX11, and I expect that trend will continue with upcoming features. I'm sure you know Muvizu is a bit more power hungry than your average windows application, so I wish you luck in your future computer upgrades.
13/08/2016 23:52:01

Posts: 359
Thanks for the updates BigWally. I do not know you very well, but health problems are always a hassle, so I am glad you are doing better. I thought about moving to Tennessee because there are lots of lakes. It would be a huge switch from the desert in California. It would be nice to live where people are friendly.

Enjoy your new home.
14/08/2016 03:05:59

Posts: 520
Hi BigWally,
Good to hear you are settled in greener pastures.
And from what little I know, Tennessee clawhammer banjo is better than Arizona's

14/08/2016 19:39:39

ziggy72Muvizu mogulExperimental user
Posts: 1988
Good to hear your up and running again. I remember the humidity in the southern states - like trying to breathe custard Better get some decent cooling for yer PC!
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