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Ok relax everyone, we’ve now passed the 70 days to go mark and we’ve just managed to get an email through to Santa with a link to our wiki so he’s now fully briefed on Play+, and on the technical ins and outs of real-time animation, lip sync and even flying effects. And breathe…

Thanks for all your encouraging messages about Play+, we’re really looking forward to seeing what those of you who do opt for the licence upgrade create with the new features.

We thought it might just be useful in response to a few questions on the forum to clarify again here the procedure of upgrading and a little about the rights.

Muvizu:Play is free software. Anyone may download and install it free-of-charge.

There are two main reasons you might choose to purchase a Muvizu:Play+ licence.

1. You love the software and want to be able to do even more with it.
2. You want to have the freedom to remove the watermark and use your creations commercially.

If you do intend to use Muvizu:Play in your business, to sell services or training, to distribute materials you've created using Muvizu:Play or to use the software in any way to generate revenue (directly or indirectly) then we class this as ‘commercial use.’ The most cost effective way to produce content like this is to upgrade to Muvizu:Play+ by purchasing a licence.

If you are new to Muvizu then you’ll need to download the latest version of Muvizu:Play first. Once that’s running or if you’re an existing Muvizuer, look for the large white question mark that blushes when you hover over it (top right on page) then click on ‘Licence manager’. Here you’ll be able to work through the simple upgrade process.

The licence you buy will give you rights in perpetuity (forever! – yes we had to Google it too) for all content you produce using this version of Muvizu:Play+.

In future, we predict there will be the usual ongoing bug fixes and tweaks within this licence and when we have something new and exciting to offer to build on Play+ there will be a paid upgrade path at that point to access any added features.

Play+ rights

So, if you’ve not already opted for Play+ you might want to consider a strongly worded letter to the big man in red. -;8)

PS. Those of you with Xboxes may also be happy to hear that thanks to our game engine roots, that with this round of bug fixes to Muvizu:Play the guys turned on the power to use your Xbox controller to work with Muvizu. Game-tastic or what? Give it a go. Here’s our Neil showing a very excited Kim how it works.

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  1. ReggieMetalFox
    • ReggieMetalFox - Over a year ago
    • Finally I succeded in using my Xbox controller for camera angles, now I can make great rotations ! :-D . Thanks !
  2. blackop13
    • blackop13 - Over a year ago
    • You can use your xbox360 controller with Muvizu wow i did not know.