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19/11/2015 16:11:28

drewiMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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Just experimenting with key framing and rotation of objects.
It led me to muse whether a copy and paste functionality for key frames would be a possibility in the future?

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19/11/2015 22:55:30

PatMarrNCMuvizu mogul
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I'd really like to see copy and paste for all the timeline elements!
07/12/2015 04:12:40

PatMarrNCMuvizu mogul
Posts: 1738
taking that idea a step further:

Directing a character's actions currently involves the following sequence of events:

1) set up your actions in the action picker
2) start recording
3) when the timeline progresses to the point where you want to insert an action, you click the button for that action and it gets inserted into the time line's sequence of events
4) click on an idle action to set the duration of the previous action

elements are basically
-a defined action
-a time for it to begin
-a duration

it would be cool if we could just...
1) position the timeline wherever we want to insert an action (thereby establishing the start time)
2) pick the action same as we would when directing the action as usual (except the scene would not be recording/moving)
to INSERT an action event on the timeline (thereby establishing the action)
3) Then, if hovering the cursor over the right edge of the event changed the cursor into a stretch tool, the duration could be visually adjusted in much the same way as the start time for events can now be changed by dragging the event (thereby establishing the duration)

This would make it easy to precisely add and edit actions on the timeline, because we wouldn't be trying to do it in real time.
It would be even more useful if such timeline events could be copied and pasted to new locations
Better yet if they could be copied from one character and pasted to the action timeline for a different character

This is actually quite a bit like the way the new keyframe feature works, so I'd guess all the framework is already in place.
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07/12/2015 09:01:15

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The principle of "directing" is great - it has, however, one big downside: It must be done at "full speed" (double-click is also kind of full speed) which is really a problem if you are not a well trained frequent computer gamer - and if one is not fast enough - you end up with "something" not quite as you wished for - and after hours of try-undo, try-undo etc etc.

The idea of inserting actions etc. directly on the timeline is optimal.

I have been producing and editing videos more or less full time for 10+ years using Sony Vegas Pro - and there you can add any action and any change to the media directly on the timeline - which is very FAST and gives great control of what you do.
ALL amateur and professional video editing programs work precisely this way - it is a standard.

Actually one can now "direct" actions anywhere on the Muvizu timeline and then -off line- move them to where you want them - so IMHO it might be a manageable change in the software.

Having experimented with- and used Muvizu for some weeks now I would not stop using the great directing-feature in some cases - but the insert-direct-on-the-timeline-actions and also a possibility to record direction slower than full speed would - in my eyes - be invaluable for Muvizu - and it would expand the number of possible users significantly.

People coming from the video editing world would see such an improvement as something they are used to - and therefore a clear "Buy" when considering purchasing an animation tool.
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