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2014/5/31 23:28:08
Can the world size be enlarged? Thanks for the answers folks.

I asked about the ceiling height because if I make buildings in other tools for import, I wont have a gauge on the characters height. In Second Life for example there is a known suggested height that works well for normal avatars.

Second Life's build engine is what I'm used to. I'll probably build in something like google sketchup instead. I don't know if Second Life's builds are compatible with Muvizu.

!! ---> Btw.. this is the second time I've written this post. Now and then when hitting the add message button instead of posting the message this forum goes straight to an "Upgrade your Muvizu" page. This is getting to be very annoying. I posted an introduction message the other day and it happened the first time. That message didn't post, I got taken to the upgrade page and hitting the back button shows the post isn't even saved so I could re-post or copy the post. It was a long intro and I sure as heck didnt remember all that word for word so I gave up and didn't remake the post.

And just now, it's happened again. If this is the kind of stuff this company does, hijacking members post to display an ad, I'm not sure I need to continue with this program. It makes it hard to get help in the forum that way. It's annoying, and unscrupulous so much so it's kinda hard to believe so, I hope you guys can give me a better explanation for this behavior please. Until I hear your answer, I'll give the company the benefit of the doubt.

2014/5/30 22:45:05
Can the world size be enlarged? I'd like to string several sets or rather items from sets together to make a huge city filled with people and I'll need all the space I can get.

Is this possible? What size is the region anyway?

Also, what is the default height for ceilings with this engine? I should clarify, here I'm referring to the ceilings in houses, not the skybox.

Thank you.
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2014/5/30 18:57:42
How do I set the microphone on Fire ! ? (Free) As Smoking is the central theme for the skit, I may have to find another program. Bummer.

I suppose it's possible to create a new character in something like Poser and make the cig a permanent part of the model's hand. I wouldn't be able to make it smoke but ya can't win em all.

FYI, My experience is limited to building in Second Life by manipulating primitives and a little experience making or changing textures on objects/clothing templates as you see in my pic so even learning Poser will be new to me.

I have seen IClone and MovieStorm but decided to try Muvizu first because I don't know if I'm going to stick with it and wanted something easy to get my feet wet. I'd want to do everything I am able to story wise with Muvizu and see how it turns out before thinking about paying for the app or trying the other like apps.

Thanks Ziggy.
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2014/5/28 19:32:46
How do I set the microphone on Fire ! ? (Free) Thanks Ziggy.. Great youtube channel btw..

So i can do it by importing 3d objects into the app. I did notice the video tut on this but didn't look at it yet because I didn't think you could even attach objects to the characters hands even with imported objects.

How would I do that with an imported object?
2014/5/27 22:53:43
How do I set the microphone on Fire ! ? (Free) Hi hi.

As I am playing with the free version and cannot hold a light cigarette, I figure I'll turn the only thing I can carry into a fake lit cigarette. LOL.. I figure, don't knock it till ya try it. (a Pencil would work best but my guy can't carry it}

Sure the inverted microphone recolored and on fire preferably Smoking... will make a pretty strange looking cigarette. It is possible or what other choices do i have to get around my problem?


Oh.. I almost forgot..

I refashioned some safety glasses into some cool shades but as a new object I cannot save it by itself ? It only saves as part of the character's inventory. This means I'd have to recreate that pair on every character I give them to. How can i solve this? Thanks double.
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2014/5/27 19:17:16
muvizu is not downloading I tried the Free Download Manager and almost had a major coronary when the file downloaded flawlessly on the first try.

Good thing I had my two 25 year old wives here to fan me while I recuperated.

Not being one who leaves things to chance I must ask; Why does the download manager work at all for this?

It is my understanding these things aren't supposed to work because no download accelerator can really cause you to download files faster than your set bandwidth allows.

I'd like to uninstall the beast but it looks like I may have to use it with this site exclusively. Why does FDM work and why do I only have to use it here and have no trouble anywhere else?

Thanks for your replies.
2014/5/27 11:43:50
muvizu is not downloading I am logged into the site while downloading. I cannot see any problems on my end, I download files all day with no problems. Perhaps it's something between me and the servers.. I'm in the USA.

I'll try a download manager. Thanks for the link.
2014/5/27 9:54:55
muvizu is not downloading Seriously.. a download manager?

I have had the worst time trying to download this software. I tried both versions, lite and full in both 32 and 64 bits several times each and I get the same results as the above poster, (normally the download freezes before it's finished) This is not normal. I spent about 12 hours trying to get this!

I searched for mirrors and a google search led me to this old but working page with some mirrors. http://www.muvizu.com/Forum/messages.aspx?TopicID=318&MessageID=644#post644

The latest file I can get is November 2012 release v0.23b. The software will also freeze while trying to download the latest version from within the program.

It appears the Muvizu servers are dropping the connection or something is causing them to slow to a maddening crawl. I cannot see how a download manager can help solve this. I haven't used one of those in years since we found out Download Accelerator was just a scam and all the web shunned those pesky programs.

Say, tell me.. What download manager do you recommend and why would it help to keep people from having download problems? I'm interested in, "The Rest of the Story".

(and I still need to download the latest version somehow)

.. Thanks
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