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2013/10/11 23:50:31
Beware the Eye of Amun-Ra Website released This is looking absolutely awesome. I think what you have done is amazing!
2013/4/12 9:12:46
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback urbanlamb wrote:

Anyhow I have done the best I can do. I posted a mock up and sent a mail to bugs@muvizu even though its not a bug hehe. I was just rather alarmed to read its "fixed for now" with that minor tweak which in the end wont actually make it anymore usable then it was that other night. The reality is I tried to prepare the timeline in such a way that assuming you did that fix you just posted that would fix it all i was fit to be tied as i tried to find what I needed to do workwise in that mess.

I wouldn't say it's "fixed for now". I'd say we've put in a quick workaround that will (hopefully) help some people to be able to use it more than they can now. We are looking at ways to improve it for everyone. But, these other changes will take longer to do because there's a much larger amount of work needed to implement them - and it has more impact on other parts of the system.

Your (and other's) comments will help define our solution to this, so please don't give up on us.
2013/4/12 8:45:12
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback Hello,

For those of you looking for the previous release - you can find them at the following links.



These are off our site rather than the mirrors. Either will work, but just in case you want them here.

If you run these you'll probably get told that the content packs have been updated. You probably can install them, and they should work. But, your mileage may vary.

Thanks again for all the feedback. It's made some happy men (people), very old.
2013/4/11 11:30:08
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback urbanlamb wrote:

found another bug.. this render took me like 8 hours of work due to the timeline issues

Hi Urbanlamb,

Do you have a way of getting the dots on the floor like that? We've had this a few times and we thought we'd ironed out the instances of it - but obviously one has slipped through - or re-appeared. Are they still there if you reload the set - and if so, could you send it to us to look at?

2013/4/11 11:11:27
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback WozToons wrote:
A thought occurs, if a new video is made using 23b and uploaded will it still be displayed on the website?

Yeah, it will as long as you upload through the app or website.
2013/3/6 8:58:21
Error on Start up It could also be you're trying to run the 64-bit version on a 32-bit machine.
2012/7/23 8:20:20
Error Message on new version (July 3rd update) Hi Steven,

That version of the app you are running was released to the community for testing earlier in the month through our forums, and as such it's pointing at development servers and the like.

We have removed the links that it was pointing to now as there an official release from the 16th of July with all of those features in it, which you can get here:
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2012/5/11 8:25:32
Feedback Thread - v0.20b release (May 2012) Ziggy, it should fix your copy and paste problem. So definitely worth doing.
2012/3/26 14:28:35
Scene area doesn't fill muvizizu window (maxed) Hi EFF,

I didn't mean drag the corners of the render area, I meant of the main window. The borders of the application should have the usual windows re-size controls - the render area has no controls for resizing, but should automatically get resized with the application.

Regards the sitting / standing thing - if you have recorded some animation with sitting, standing and walking - but you reposition the character (when sitting say) then rest of the movement will be changed with it. You should see pink dots on the floor repositioning as you move the character around though to let you know what the new path will be. I'm not sure if that's what you're describing though...
2012/3/26 9:56:05
Scene area doesn't fill muvizizu window (maxed) That's interesting. If instead of maximising the app, if you just increase the size of the window by dragging the corners - does the area that muvizu draws in get resized?

It looks like the bit that does the rendering is not informed that the window size has changed.
2012/3/19 14:09:12
video injection Hi Fullmetall,

The program will automatically use as much memory as it can. If you are running in 32-bit mode, then it will use up to 2Gb of memory. This is a limitation of the memory space available to a 32-bit processor, and we unfortunately cannot do anything about this.

If you have a 64-bit processor, then it will just use as much memory as you have.

Hope that helps.
2012/3/19 10:26:07
Problem with walking (not me, Muvizu) It probably is that, should be sorted in the next release. In the meantime the trick to get rid of the dots after scaling is to move the character a tiny amount... even just pick it up and drop it.
2012/3/16 16:46:08
Problem with walking (not me, Muvizu) Just out of curiosity, did you re-scale the character - after creating the movement? We discovered the other day it would also cause the problem.
2012/3/12 10:30:29
Problem with walking (not me, Muvizu) We've seen this happen a few times, though we thought we'd fixed it. What version are you running? 0.19 or 0.18?
2012/3/12 10:21:34
Codecs Hello, just to clarify at the moment by we don't output at 1080p. Because the files can end up so large it can cause some problems. This is deliberate. As noted above 720 is the highest we output at currently.
2012/3/8 15:30:41
64 bit 19b and 32 bit 18b side by side? ukBerty wrote:
I'm not sure when we are due the next update. Anyone ???

We're aiming for early April for the next update. It will really just be a service release for the v0.19b - to bring the performance back up and make the thing a bit more stable. We've been trying to fix a lot of bugs. Not that we won't have introduced more - obviously.

As noted in the news release, we'll probably let it out a little early for the brave souls who want to help test it.
2012/3/6 14:06:41
Software conflict and error’s on import. Hi Dylly,

It's probably something to do with the settings in the image, generally they should be:

24 or 32 bits per pixel, uncompressed or run-length encoded, and usually sized in both x and y as 2 to the power of n. So, ...64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096 etc.
2012/3/2 13:37:51
Can't wait for this! There's a menu option that allows you to select which one you want, DX9 being the default. When you switch, you would need to exit and restart the app to make the changes take effect though. We can't really switch it once it's up and running. But you don't need to reinstall the app or anything.
2012/3/2 10:36:25
Can't wait for this! toonarama wrote:
Great idea - would we accept a few bugs to get the latest features - 100% yes.
Only rider would be that I have a feeling that a lot of the heavy users have had to abandon the latest version because it appears to be too resource intensive.
The cutting edge version can be bug infested but we need to be able to run it!

There was a definite slow down which was introduced with the last build. There were a couple of issues. There was one thing to do with shadow calculations on both the 64 and 32-bit versions, and there was also a general slowdown on the 64-bit version.

Both of these issues have been fixed - and we're currently getting the same performance as the 0.18b release. There is one small exception to that - sadly. If you run DirectX 11 on the 64-bit it's a wee bit slower - and we're still trying to get to the bottom of why. If you run DirectX 9 though, it has the same performance, so it's DirectX related. (DX9 will be the default option, so you have to opt in to make it slower.)
2012/2/10 10:59:34
UE3Engine.dll error Hmmm.... I am not sure why the other items are not installed - I'll look into why that's happening.

Anyway, we don't have a specific MSI for this - the NSIS installer doesn't really work with them. However, you can download these installers, I believe they all have silent install options for them:

Visual Studio 2008 runtime: (32bit) (64bit)

DirectX for the websetup.

DotNet (that's version 3.5 - but you could install 4 - and it should work too.)

So, you could just install these either before or after installing our app?
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