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2010/11/17 16:15:06
Happy Birthday Kerry! It's 35. I know this for sure. I'm not saying what number system this is in though.
2010/11/8 11:12:55
Staundoone Episode ! That's hilarious.

Also, personally, I think the laugh track worked. Most of the time, I didn't even notice it was there, and it added to the vibe. (Maybe it's a Muvizu employee thing - since at least 3 of us like it.)

I'm really looking forward to episode 2.
2010/11/4 7:59:39
Muvizu version Well, not really.

It's still the same "version" of the Unreal Engine and that is "Unreal Engine 3". But, the build that we're based on at the moment is from October 2008. Which is a touch out of date, and there's been a lot of engine fixes and a few other shiny things added, so we'll be switching to October 2010 or maybe November's if it's out by then.

We're no where near finished what would be in "1.0". So - there's still a long way to go.

As far as I know the base machine requirements will be the same - it's the same engine after all.

The next release will be 0.13b.
2010/10/5 10:26:20
Animatable objects-props Hi Dwino,

I take your point, but there are reasons why we're doing things in the order we're doing them. I understand that you want to hold and interact with props, and so do we - really. But... there are quite a few things that have to happen in order for it to work in a sensible way and we are moving towards that.

As I said, the foundations for it will be in the next release.

Unfortunately, we cannot add this in the following release because we have some important work to do on the "back end" of the engine, which we cannot put off.

So, please bear with us, we are a reasonably small team with limited resources and can only do so much at a time.
2010/10/1 16:52:04
Option needed in preferences to remap keys... Erm... isn't the movement already: WS = Forward/Back, AD = Sidestep left/right?

Regards the configuration aspect of it. Yeah, it's something we'll add to our list of things to do. So, I'm sure we'll get around to it at some point, but no idea when.
2010/9/29 10:38:08
Animatable objects-props 1. Not yet. We will address this at somepoint in the future - it is on our very long "to do" list - I can't say when it will happen though. I can say it won't be in this iteration - or in the next as those are both planned out. Maybe the one after that. A fair chunk of stuff in the next release starts to lay the foundations for it to happen.

2. There aren't any yet, but we may have some by then. I know Jim's keen to do some stuff like that. He's been trying out opening doors already.

3. Yes it will (or at least - it should do.) We have spent a lot of time making sure that the sets are backward compatible - that doesn't mean that wee errors don't creep in, but if you let us know about them - then we'll try to fix them.
2010/9/17 11:43:50
Bug that is driving me nuts The next scheduled release should be around the beginning of November - all going well.
2010/9/14 10:32:16
Audio out of Sync Hi James,

Your spec should be fine for Muvizu, though your graphics card is a little behind our minimum, so that's where the sluggishness may come from. Though maybe not.

I'm guessing from your description of your process to convert files that you had saved the video as an uncompressed AVI? There are problems if you get the file over about 2Gb then it will have issues playing (in things like media player anyway.)

The best way to get round this is to use some sort of codec, if you use the lossless motion jpeg thing that Barry mentioned ( then you should still get the quality out to allow you to do your chroma keying, and hopefully you shouldn't lose sync with the soundtrack.

One other thought that springs to mind is that of fps. Muvizu outputs at 25, if your other video is 30 (or soemthing else) and the chroma is done on a frame by frame basis then you may find the sync goes out from there.
2010/9/13 11:13:12
Videojoiner limit? Hi,

There shouldn't be. There maybe more memory overheads when joining a lot of videos. But, I don't think it should matter.

Are you getting a problem when joining a lot of clips together? If so, what is the size of the clips (resolution and length), and how many of them?
2010/9/10 15:24:29
rendered movies don't play Mach wrote:
Hope that will work on Win7 as well.

Barry's machine is Windows 7 - so it should be fine.
2010/9/10 11:46:23

You need to update to the latest build to get the animated cameras. The latest build is

MZASS-v0.12b - build: 2010.08.30.03R

The application launcher should do a check and offer you to upgrade it for you if you are online, or you can get the full download from:

Though, as a word of caution, if you're running vista and you have installed in the program files folder, you may get an error. Details of this are on the download page, under known issues.
2010/9/10 11:34:15
rendered movies don't play Hi Mach,

Yeah, it's a "feature" of the code we're using - it's using the old video for windows avi library, I think it goes weird if a file gets larger than about 2Gig. The answer is to use some compression. See Barry's description of using lossless or motion jpeg.

It should retain the quality - but the file sizes would be much smaller.

We do plan to update the video creation code at some point (by switching to the more up-to-date directshow stuff) but we don't have any timescale for that.
2010/9/7 14:51:32
ASE import Yeah, hmmm... seems there is some problem here. Not sure what it is yet.

Though if I do as Jim suggested below - with the Alpha->OpacityMask, it does seem to work for me. Without that I get some different effect (plain coloured) - and not the checkered pattern tripfreak had below.

Some ASE's are definitely causing problems - if people wanna send some of the problematic ones (+any textures) to, we'll see about fixing this for the next release.
2010/9/6 16:37:15
Codecs when using Videojoiner to combine videos Err... cool.

Let me know if it breaks.
2010/9/6 9:48:05
will this program run on vista Hmmm - nice (well, not really).

The Jungle scene was taken out of the new release (though it may still be sitting on hard drives.) We'll look into that though, because old scenes should work. We've spent a lot of time making sure they do.
2010/9/6 9:45:02
Cannot find make a movie\ Video button is grayed Curse you freakmoomin, you beat me to it. I just replied in the other thread on this.
2010/9/6 9:44:18
Codecs when using Videojoiner to combine videos Hi,

Technically, yes you are compressing twice and then losing quality. But the quality shouldn't really drop that much.

However, another alternative would be to follow Barry's advice here:

The Motion jpeg stuff should still work in the joiner, and as it's a lossless compression the quality should still remain.
2010/9/6 9:37:59
Collection of .set files (Please use Gallery now) There's no problem with you having the classroom set there.

And you are correct about it's non-inclusion being due to the size. Given all the other sets are a couple of K in size, that one's a bit excessive. (It's the textures in it that bump it up.)
2010/9/6 9:08:11
the video button is grayed out Hi KennyB,

If you have animations that you placed into your scene, then it should allow you to record your movie. If it's not allowing you to select the video button, because it is greyed out then it may be because the start and end markers for the recording at both sitting together.

You can check this by opening up the timeline (Ctrl-T) or Tools->Timeline, at the bottom there are two bars just under the times. On the top one there are some markers, if these are sitting on top of one another (so it looks like there is just one) then your video is of zero length, and you can't record it. Just drag these apart, and it will turn the bit between them into a video.

Hope that helps. If not let us know.

2010/9/3 15:33:25
Problems with Import Hi Machine,

I'm glad it's fixed itself. I had a look at the images you sent to the bug software. Which was perplexing since it seems that it was the open file dialog that was crashing it.

If it plays up again - let us know - and we'll see what we can do. Not that we did much this time.
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