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2011/7/27 14:45:47
Instead of waypoints... I thought waypoints were just to create/adjust the position of a path.......where as keyframes would create the position and depending on where you put ure other keyframes would adjust the speed and direction of the motion between keyframes....but can also be moved in the timeline etc......

There are probebly many versions of each and we are all thinking of different versions
2011/7/20 14:51:46
Interface & Timeline simonheffer wrote:
Can we move the start position back in time? I sometimes find that I need to add stuff at the beginning of the movie - a case in point is adding a new character who needs to be lying down,we only have the falling into grave animation for that so I need him to start falling before the current start point.

This is something i would like to see fixed one day (although planning ure scene well and leaving a few secs at start will help with all of this of course).

Just to add. There is a new 'Pose' animation category with several lying down static poses to play with.
2011/7/11 10:39:18
Uploaded to YouTube, but how do I do so here too? Wizaerd wrote:

I wonder, if I had done my all my directing passes with the flames off, then before I actually rendered it, turned them on, would that have worked? Hmmmmm, something to try...

Yep this is the best way to work! Its good to animate in unlit mode aswell if your system is slowing down. will speed up workflow big time! Defo Do FX work last....
2011/7/11 10:36:41
2 New videos, from a Muvizu Beginner Great Videos! especially for your first ones!

love the Set in the second video.
2011/7/11 10:30:45
Character "Floats in the air" Yep i think its a good idea too
2011/7/8 11:59:11
The Garage Band Blues Episode #1... Amazing. really enjoyed it, Some of the animation choices were excellent! great attention to detail.

Cant wait to see more!!!
2011/7/1 14:53:15
2011/6/28 11:24:15
Meet the Medic Jamie wrote:

It seems they use their own animation software called "Source Filmmaker" that runs inside the Source game engine.

Im sure you can make some really cool animations with this but i highly doubt that the video at the top of the thread was made with it.

The meet the medic animation looks 100% custom made.....and if the company says otherwise then im guessing that they are bending the truth (lying).....
2011/6/17 15:32:01
audio jumping around! Dreeko wrote:
Found a stress reliever for my audio woes

I have closed my computer. Walked to the pub and am presently sitting with a cold pint in my hand while posting this message on my phone. Hurrah!


lucky bugger!
2011/6/17 11:21:46
Interface & Timeline ukBerty wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
when you right click on a character, can we please have the option to just go straight to their properties window without the long swoopy camera move? Takes too long, and I get impatient when I'm building stuff.

Can I second that - and cameras as well - and everything. As Ziggy says, it looks nice but is a waste of time.


Ill 3rd that
2011/6/16 10:30:16
Favourite ever cartoon? Emily wrote:
Haha - sounds like The Levee Strollers!

YEAH!!! yyyeeeehhhhaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww!!!!
2011/6/15 16:07:36
Facial animation haha

just looking into it at the moment, but fingers crossed as we want to do different styles and stuff as much as people seem to want them
2011/6/15 15:39:12
Facial animation all good points mos6507, but we are really between a rock and a hard place with a lot of this. We set out to make animation accessible and really easy for all age groups and nothing has really changed there. We still want to keep things as simple as possible but at the same time hopefully being able to give users some degree of control at least.

Giving people fine control of every aspect really wasnt what we set out to do, for people who want this type of control i would strongly suggest looking into pro animation solutions (maya, max, bla bla bla). To truly have full creative control the only way is to do everything from scratch yourself in my opinion.

But to lighten the mood a little, we are currently looking to develop a completly new style of character with all new animations etc.....cant give away too much at this point but hopefully this will give people a new viewpoint on muvizu and show a bit of a different side.....
2011/6/10 15:00:21
Muvizu and RATS!!! Just found evidence of RATS nesting in Muvizu HQ!
2011/6/3 11:23:38
Problem with New Upgade i thought exactly the same

its quite usefull!
2011/6/3 10:15:53
How make the character sit on bed or you could try just reducing the height of the bed in the scaling propertys after de-selecting the 'can be stood on'
2011/6/2 10:03:36
The newest Muvizu release... yeah i must admit, the shadows being so light is a bit of a intensity shadow slider would be great but even just having the shadow darker by default like before is better than the way it is just now.

its pretty hard to get any depth in a scene without good shadows.
2011/6/2 9:54:49
Compatibility: Old set files and the new Muvizu I have seen a few issues aswell, but it depends on what release the sets are from

I have sets from a few releases ago and there are loads of issues like (lights have all been deleted, locomotion is gone) not a biggy as ill never need these sets again.

From the release just before this one my sets seem pretty much fine for the most part, some lighting issues again, but not too hard to tweak if need be
2011/5/27 10:31:54
Fart in the Park 2 hahaha

2011/5/26 14:26:13
cannot download and run muvizu jjjjiiiiimmmmmbbbbbbbbbboooooooooooooo to the rescue
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