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2010/8/9 18:56:50
help! Hi Katherine,

Welcome to Muvizu!

Once you have created all your animations etc., you simply go to Video> Make Video and save your animation as an avi file.

If you're just starting out, it's best to look through all the tutorials. Tutorial 12 might be particuly useful for you, as it shows how to create a movie from start to finish.

See part one here:

Good luck with your animation!

2010/8/9 18:42:30
Moving Characters Around No problem at all Mike,

It may be some time before we get through them all.

Each time we release a new version of the app, we've re-made the tutorials - so the whole process takes some time.

The audio isn't perfect quality in the tutorials, and I'm no audio expert, so this may be something that we need to look at to improve the usability.

Glad that these titles helped you though, please get in touch with any other questions or feedback you might have.

Good luck with your first Muvizu video!!

Sugar High
2010/8/9 18:05:54
Moving Characters Around Hi Mike,

Thanks for getting in touch. I'm sorry that you are having trouble with the tutorials.
As Jim mentioned, the automatic captioning on YouTube isn't very useful, so we're going to have to do it manually.
It's a big task.
I did a small trial with one of the tutorials, using Overstream (http://www.overstream.net).
Is this any better for you?
Let me know your thoughts on this, feedback would be really handy. It's very important for us to be as accessible as possible.
Not only for hearing-impaired users such as yourself, but also because many of our users don't have English as a first language.


2010/8/9 16:00:29
Text to Speech You could try this one:


As used by Jamie in the 'Meet the Robot' series:

There is a 20 minute trial time limit though!

Happy animating
2010/8/9 15:51:46
Text to Speech It's not text - to - speech, but it is a lot of fun...

Screaming Bee, voice modification:


I'll write back with some text to speech reccommendations later
2010/8/9 12:26:41
creating a group project Hi Ecoteach,

Welcome to Muvizu!

If any of your students are under 13, you will need to have a gatekeeper account to create a project that can be shared.
To create a gatekeeper account, go to http://www.muvizu.com/Register/ and in account type select the Gatekeeper account button.

Once you have a Gatekeeper account, you can create accounts for your students as dependents. To do this, go to edit profile, and at the bottom of this page, you have the option to add dependents. Create as many as you need for your students. You can then click the New Project button on the left hand side, and all the dependents will be added to this project.

Sorry if it sounds a little complicated. Our site is going to be updated at the end of the month, and this whole process is being streamlined, so it will be much simpler to use.

If, however, all your students are over 13, then it's just a matter of signing into your account, creating a new project, and inviting other members to join it.

Hope that clears things up, any other problems just get in touch!

2010/8/9 11:54:48
first shot at animation Yes really nice music video, must have taken a while!

Why don't you post it on the Muvizu site?

2010/8/9 11:43:06
time limit Hi Alan,

Thanks for getting in touch. There is a time limit for recording, which is 20 minutes.
However if you wanted to create an epic, feature length animation, you can stich multiple Muvizu videos together using the VideoJoiner application which is bundled with Muvizu.

Hope that helps!

2010/8/9 11:40:50
Hello Hi Than,

Thanks for getting in touch, I look forward to seeing your story once it is animated!
Feel free to send in any questions, post any technical questions under 'Tech Help'.

Best of luck, I hope you enjoy using Muvizu

2010/8/9 11:29:04
inimum machine spec Hi Ghrenig

To run the application properly, your PC should be at least equal to these specs:
  • 2.4GHz processor
  • Nvidia 7800 GTX or ATI 1300 graphics card
  • 2.3GB free drive space
Your PC also needs the version of DirectX that was released in August 2008 or later and Microsoft's .NET Framework version 2 or higher. This is included in the installer, but if you already have it, the individual component installers will either tell you or just skip any unnecessary process. You can then continue to the next step in installing the application.

Generally speaking, if you keep the number of characters and lights down, and close down any other applications running at the same time, it should improve the performance.

See also the 'Common Problems' Section:

Hope that helps!

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2010/8/9 11:24:30
video to a song Hi to Alan and Stonehead,

It shouldn't take you too long to get your head round the app, the tutorials are here:


To get the lip sync nice and tight, it's ideal to have two recordings of the audio.

One with the vocal solo, the other with the full mix.

1. Import the vocal solo into the Prepare>Dialogue section.

2. Record the lip sync, then, once you are happy with it...

3. Import the full mix into Prepare>Audio>Backdrop.

This way, the lip sync will be 'clean' - it won't pick up all the other backgroup audio.

All the best with animating your songs!
2010/8/9 10:33:58
Unable to load DLL 'UE3Engine.dll' error Hi xXHNutXx

Welcome to Muvizu, I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems with loading.

Could you give us some more information on your machine specs?
This will help us figure out what's going on with the application.
What we would need your full system specifications using a small part of Direct X.
This is called DXDiag,which is a tool that is shipped by Microsoft as part of DirectX andbasically gathers your system configuration and lets you save it as atext file. To use it follow these instructions:

1. Click the start menu.
2. Select Run.
3. Type dxdiag and hit enter (or click ok).
4. Wait until the processing bar runs to completion.
5. Click the save information button.
6. Attach the file with all the information to an email reply to us to bugs@muvizu.com

You can find more information on DXDiag at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc938991.aspx


2010/8/9 10:17:15
Unable to Make Video : "The file is locked ..." Hi David,

I think I might have had a similar issue a while ago.
It might sound a bit daft, but did you try simply saving the video file under a different name?

2010/7/8 11:18:53
Background & Skydome - Aspect Ratios. If you want to avoid distortion in your set, use these aspect ratios when creating custom textures:


Widescreen = 16:9
Superwide = 20:9
Curved = 2:1


W = 2048
H = 512
Res = 72
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2010/7/7 11:06:07
Tips and Tricks - Any requests?! Hey Mmarion!

Thanks for the improvement suggestions

As to the Gil Scott Heron video, this is how you can make 'camera' movements:

1. The main thing you need is Camtasia, or any decent quality screen recording software
You can download a 30 day trial here:


2. When making your set need to make it on a massive ground plane which will cover up the pink navigation dots when you move.

3. Record all the animation, locomotion, eye movements etc. as normal. At this point it's a good idea to think about where you want your camera to move.

4. Set up the Camtasia to record your screen. You probably want to select 'system sounds' in the audio option. You can opt to record only a selection of the screen, or you can press F12 to hide the UI.

5. Once it's all set up, and you're happy with it, go to direct>animation, press play, and as your animation plays out, you then move your viewpoint around the set. You will probably have to do it in a few takes - I think the Gil Scott Heron one took about 8 takes or so (and it's still not 100%...)

Another option is to use After Effects, and adjust the x,y,z positions and scaling with keyframes. You could also use 3D cameras with After Effects but I haven't tried that option yet.

I used a little bit of After Effects, along with the screen capture technique. Neither of these options work perfectly, and they are a bit fiddly. The best solution is to have proper camera movements up and running in the app. It's a work in progress, and we hope to get it in for the next release. The developer monkeys are hard at work, and we promised them no more bananas till it's done.

At the moment they look something like this:

In the interim, you can try my (slightly ropey) technique. All the best with it, I'm sure you make something interesting! I really liked your music video - I particularly enjoyed the random kung-fu moves!
2010/5/24 10:19:18
Text or subtitles Hi Davir,

At the moment there is nothing integrated with the Muvizu app, but you could try using a free subtitles tool called Submagic:


You can see more resources listed in this section:


Best of luck with your Muvizu creation!
2010/5/4 9:57:50
To really open up the potential IK Handel,

Thanks for your excellent insight!

Although you can't import objects and models at the moment, if you update to the latest version of Muvizu, you will see the new political accessories.

Take a look here:


There's a lot of potential for creating some funny videos for the election, I'd love to see what you can come up with!

2010/3/1 10:03:08
Geraldo and the Evil PART TWO I hope they EAT him
2009/11/19 16:12:26
How to record movie using different cameras Hi sixdof.

What you need to do is:

1. Go to Direct >Cameras.
2. Rewind to the start of your animation.
3. Hit the record button (the one that looks like a clapper board)
4. Look at the "direct camera" box on the left hand side. You have to select a camera by selecting the preview window.
5. You go back and forth between the cameras by clicking between the views.

It's quite simple, once you get the hang of it. You can preview the camera cuts in the large "cameras" window on the right hand side.
Or, for a larger preview, play it back in the Video > Make video section.
If you make a mistake in the camera cuts, you don't need to start from the very beginning again.
Just scrub to the section that you messed up, and you can start from there.
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2009/11/17 10:22:18
When's the next one coming??

I don't think so

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