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2013/5/12 18:54:02
CRASH when I try to input a video on a wall What type of avi? The internal codec matters, y'see. I usually find that the Divx AVI codec works best for Muvizu. Does Binx give you those sort of options? If not, see if there's an advanced output/options bit to change it.
2013/5/12 12:20:16
Save project in different types of file Muvizu HQ's advice on this has always been the same - don't use the new version until you're 100% certain you don't need to use the old version. The old versions are not compatible with the new versions, so there can't be a Save As for different versions. I'm still using the old version 23b, and will continue to do so until Play is usable for big projects. I'd advise doing the same unless you really really need Rosie

(Oh, and if you're thinking 'but if the new version (Play) is compatible with the old version, why can't it have a Save As feature?'. Well, one day quite soon, it will become the old version itself... the coding staff have enough to deal with, trust me )
2013/5/12 2:34:22
CRASH when I try to input a video on a wall Try installing the klite 32bit pack first, then the 64bit one on top of that, and then re-encode the video. Remember, on a 64bit system you actually need both packs to make sure everything works (and it mostly will. Mostly ).
2013/5/10 19:24:15
Question: copying character to another file ...or just select the character and Copy (using the right click menu or top Edit menu). Open up the other set, and make sure the first thing you do is Paste to place the character in the set (before you forget and Copy something else ) Saving the character as a favourite is the long term solution, Copy & Paste the short one. Hope that helps.
2013/5/10 14:18:42
Do you know good .obj conventer ! There are 2 ways I try to covert formats to something that can eventually get into Sketchup (and therefore .ase files) :

1 Bring into Daz (free 3D poser-type program) and export as .dae, then into Sketchup, or...

2 Use Biturn, a great little program that lets you convert most formats into each other - you can find it here

Hope that helps
2013/5/9 21:31:01
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback 2 suggestions regards right clicking :

Right clicking a light - could you have the brightness slider on the right click menu? It's the most common reason you'd be clicking on it anyway, when fine tuning, and it'd be nice to not have to get to the Properties windows every time. Even if it wasn't a full size slider, and had less definition, it would be helpful feature I think.

Right clicking an object - similarly, I find that when working with objects my most common reason to get to the Properties window is the change the Physics bit (floating, stood on, upright). You mostly need the Properties screen when you first create the object to colour and size it, but after that it's more about positioning it without disturbing any of the other objects nearby (so the Physics bit becomes invaluable, I find). I work with a lot of objects
2013/5/9 21:14:41
Hello Everyone! <stands up>
I'm Ziggy72, and I've been on Muvizu for 3 years now.
<group gives sympathy>
It started, like with some of the others, seeing this strange little program on Click on the BBC. I thought I'd try it, y'know, to see what the kids were going on about. It seemed fun at first, just a nice little program to make animations, all pleasant and entertaining... I never thought I'd get addicted, but after that first hit, wow, that was it, I was in, I couldn't stop. I spend hours every day, sometimes for weeks on end, making stuff, editing stuff, drawing stuff, just to feed the habit. I thought I could quit anytime, it was just a bit of fun, I could handle it...but now I'm mainlining a half hour movie, dragging other addicts into my circle of depravity and serial killers. Carole, I need help.

<sits down, sobbing - group applauds honesty>
2013/5/9 20:57:57
Rosie's Hands Just to get back to the point for a sec...

I never noticed anything odd about Rosie's hands until you pointed it out, Hamster - they are a bit knuckly, aren't they? It looks like she's been punching somebody lately...looking at finger joints on the other characters, they're much more 'sausage' like, more natural looking, whereas Rosies are more 'tube-bump-tube' looking. Maybe she needs a little bit of surgery
2013/5/6 0:04:49
Character Action Just to clarify here - ALL the characters can use the the musical instuments EXCEPT


Blob has no arms, so no surprise there I guess

Beefy, Heroine, Sinister and Rosie are the New generation of characters, and have a more limited set of actions for the moment.
2013/5/5 15:58:32
Character Action Uhhh...

Oh no hang on, I think I understand (maybe) - are you saying that you want your character to hit someone, and want to put a stick in his hand? If so, you can't, sorry, Muvizu characters can only hold musical instruments at present. You could give them drumsticks, I suppose...
2013/5/4 13:54:10
How can I make characters disappear? Try reading this :

Should help.
2013/5/4 12:57:53
Can we sit charecters in water,air,land vehicles? All good advice, but also remember to turn off 'can be stood on' in the vehicles properties, or the character will stand on top of it. This is the bit everyone always misses, it seems
2013/5/4 12:54:10
Muvizu Play, dialog and timeline My workaround for this issue is to play the scene (which will be out of sync), stop it, jump back to a previous cue point (keyboard shortcut 'Home'), then play (which will now usually return to sync). This does mean shuffling your cue points around to just before your working area, and it's not 100% successful, but it helps

Oh, just thought, this is how I do it in 23b, don't know if it'll still work in Play. Please let us know if it does.
2013/5/2 19:36:04
3D in "the future" People, you have to watch this vid - it's just insane what they can do with this 'atom' tech as opposed to 'old fashioned' polygons. The future's so bright... Cool
2013/5/2 18:47:35
Coming Soon... Looks interesting - but we really need to be able to make a pit bull now...
2013/5/2 0:29:36
Please Decrease size of Gallery Icons/ Pictures Yup, I agree too. At least 12, ideally 16 vids shown, with the Staff Pick being at the bottom of the page, the newest vids at the top. Seems only fair to the Muvi makers.
2013/4/29 19:33:47
Image Size, Importing floor tiles etc... Do you want the images to be on Ground Planes or on the Skydome ground? Makes a big difference, y'see... as does the scale you're working at (with the characters and objects). I generally find that you should use the highest image size you can get (to preserve quality) as Muvizu resizes it down for you anyway. To get more detail/change the scale, I usually have to manually retile the textures in Photoshop to give me the control I need. I know that all sounds a bit vague, but honestly, tiling stuff in Muvizu is a trial and error kind of thing until it looks right.
2013/4/26 19:54:53
New website feedback thread Yes it is IE 10, I did clear out my cache, and now it looks a lot better :

Still looks a bit generous on the bottom bit though...

Thanks IanS! Thumbs Up
2013/4/26 0:30:44
New website feedback thread Just to clarify, I'm not referring to the side bits showing, I'm talking about the white boxes under each image and the icons inside. Apparently this is very wrong, and I wanted to know if anyone else sees them like this.
2013/4/26 0:07:48
New website feedback thread Am I the only user who sees the Get Assets page like this?

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