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2013/3/12 16:10:47
Storytelling OOOOOHHHH!!! Hipster Dreeko liked it before it was rubbish (Last summer)

2013/3/12 14:51:37
Storytelling Hi guys,
Saw this great piece today - Pixar's 22 rules of storytelling. I think it's universally acknowledged that Pixar are the world leaders in storytelling (seriously, who didn't cry in the first 10mins of Up? It broke my heart - and that's mostly made of concrete and bits of old cars).

Since the hardest part of doing anything cool in film, radio, or Muvizu is the STORY I thought I'd share this link with you guys. It's a very interesting and useful read.

2013/3/7 10:34:22
Create an animation for neil Gaiman short stories What a great competition! Surely this is IDEAL for an intrepid Muvizuer? There's so much damn talent on this site
2013/3/4 14:39:52
Batman Begins ... with a B! Dreeko wrote:

I see it's still to appear in the Muvizu gallery! Funny how some take longer than others to show up.. Ho hum!


It's mostly because you're rubbish Kidding! Mondays are terrible for backlogs. Forgive us?
2013/2/14 17:00:20
To the community at large Hi Muvizuers,

Every day we're asked to grant commercial Muvizu licences. Some people simply ask for permission, while others request 'premium' features such as watermark removal and non-standard render sizes. We get approached by users, companies, non-profit organisations, charities, students, teachers and hobbyists.

Your feedback also tells us that you are bamboozled by our current commercial terms of use. We don't blame you; they're not helpful to inspiring Muvizu money-makers.

So, in light of all that we're thinking of changing our terms to make it easier for people to use Muvizu professionally. We're also open to the idea of spin-off products or features to complement the free version of Muvizu for commercial projects.

So, we would like to ask some questions:

  • How can we improve Muvizu's terms for commercial projects?
  • What features do you need to make money from Muvizu?
  • If there were premium products which sat alongside the free version of Muvizu - products that were interesting to commercial users - how would you feel about that? Have you got any advice for us around pricing?
Tell us about other software you like, use professionally and applaud their approach.

Yours, all ears

The Muvizu Team.
2013/1/16 10:48:46
Health update... Oh no EEF! I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm sorry you've had such a rotten 4 months.

Much love and wishes for a quick recovery from Team Muvizu.
2013/1/15 9:50:36
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar Dreeko wrote:
Well done everyone!
When you get your goodies delivered you should upload a photo of them for us all to drool over!

I wonder what the next competition will be ...any thoughts?
One for Valentines day perhaps? Easter? Who knows..

Ooh! Definitely upload pictures if you can! We like to see happy Muvizuers.

Also re: Valentine's day - hmm we're grumpy sad sacks who don't like all this love business - but maybe a comical anti-Valentines day theme for a competition.... now there's an idea..... hmmmmm *strokes chin while thinking super hard*
2013/1/9 11:54:12
Muvizu Live Action - TFZ Season 2 Promo Hahaha! I really enjoyed this! It was very well done and I love the concept (old skool MTV HOLLA! Although it may be because I've been on a Daria kick this week). Very nice stuff Mr J
2012/12/20 12:07:45
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar in all fairness WozToons you may be right. Not all the clues have been released yet....
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2012/12/20 11:20:38
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar So.... you've had a whole bunch of clues (and there are still more to come) but have you an inkling as to what the code means?

2012/12/20 10:50:26
Voice actors? We need em. HAHAHAA! Thanks dreeko! Yeah I've been strong armed into doing a few clips for Muvizu - this being the favourite

Yeah but I'm not sure about your warning about levels of commitment. @maeruskanaerus' efforts are pretty good!
2012/12/14 14:18:17
[Trailer #1] 21st December 2012 This trailer looks very good. It's all very... V isn't it? Which is NEVER a bad thing Can't wait
2012/12/7 14:57:40
Suddenly People who watch my videos has fallen ? Hi chuckles - that is really weird. I see your latest video is in the 3rd spot on the Gallery homepage so I can't think of what it is. A lot of the people on here tend to share their videos on the forum as well - I think that drives quite a few views. But that's the only thing I can think of.

Also Holy MOLY! 150 videos?! I think you were definitely one of the earliest users on here Thanks for sticking with us!
2012/12/5 11:00:40
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar tripfreak wrote:

Does that mean we can expect this technology in the near future in Muvizu ?

Errrrmmm...... *looks shifty* *ducks & runs out the door*
2012/12/4 14:26:57
My Video Hi Rob,
As you already know from the forum and from Jamie we've had A LOT of issues with connection from Thursday afternoon. So apologies once again for any delays to your videos appearing on the site - we've been working hard to clear the backlog since getting our connection fixed yesterday afternoon.

Hope everything's working out ok!

Thanks again for being part of the Muvizu community
2012/12/3 11:03:58
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar Glad to hear all the positive feedback! Hope you guys are as clever as you look

Good luck everyone! The prizes are definitely worth it
2012/11/20 15:50:51
Caption Me!

"Springtime for Hitler and Germany...."
2012/11/20 14:24:49
Caption Me!

"Don't go breaking my heart!" "I couldn't if I tried!"
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2012/11/16 10:09:13
YouTube annotations Hey urbanlamb! You're totally right - we've been trying to figure out a way to block these spammers without compromising the whole twitter stream. Sadly, the spamming is getting worse - especially at the weekends when we're not as over the twitter feed as during the week. We may have come up with a work around but sadly, it means some changes to the rules. Hopefully this will stem the tide of spammers getting on our feed.

It really annoys and frustrates me - we block and report as spam as often as they come up but - that's the internet for you sometimes. And sometimes this is why we can't have nice things. At least on the weekends.
2012/11/14 14:32:01
Machinima Expo Accepting Submissions July 1st Afternoon everyone! We're once again happy to be taking part in and support Machinima Expo this year. For more details/info check out the latest News post here
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