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2010/9/15 13:59:38
new characters Hehe, rather looks like a clear refusal ? Ton of Bricks
2010/9/10 10:19:14
Tipp-Ex promotion on Youtube Have you already seen this advertisement:

Just try the words suggested in the channel comments ! lol hit
2010/9/9 6:59:38
Importing from Google Sketchup This is fantastic - You rock ! rock on
You saved my day...

...but you ruined my evening !
Due to the bad sound quality I understand "UTC" instead of "UT3".
It worked, and unfortunately the model came out in pink, but only with 2 colours.
So, I tried every option that could be possible and even graded up from Sketchup 6 to 8.

Finally I made some pictures (tested also other objects) and prepared zip-files for your bug report section.
And then...
i found this little inconspicuous line in the other thread:
*BITMAP "C:\ut3\toto.bmp"

Ok,my fault !
Nevertheless, you're my hero !
2010/9/9 6:37:28
Collection of .set files (Please use Gallery now) Thanks for this offer !

I also saved some of the older sets, but yours are really cool ! Cool
2010/9/9 6:31:23
3 Point Lighting Tutorial Thanks for sharing this tutorial !

That's indeed a great help ! Cool
2010/9/9 6:27:49
Additional textures ...find additional textures when I log in from inside the program ?
It seems to make no difference if I'm logged in or not ?

I already asked elsewhere, but maybe this is the correct place to ask.
2010/9/9 6:21:53
Making of "Sleekit Things" Really good idea !

Thanks for sharing ! Cool
2010/9/9 6:19:54
The Truth- Moon Landing That's funny !
2010/9/6 18:52:03
3D Modelling Packages (For Object Import) Thank for these links !
And thanks for your reply in the other thread !

The blender plugin works:

but the Sketchup-plug (belgabor) converted files crashed Muvizu even with very simple objects.
So, I better wait for your instructions !

There is another little program that is able to export ASE-files. Its called "Biturn" - Link here.
It works really nice in showing or converting different files, but unfortunately the converted ASE-files also crash my Muvizu. But maybe one of your experts may find it useful ?
2010/9/6 18:28:55
will this program run on vista Thanks for your effort !
But at least for me that's not necessary.

I tried to build it on my own according to the picture on Borrowinds blog: Link here

Besides problems with the light (I urgently need to watch more of these great tutorials !) I miss the backdrop that is shown in Borrowinds picture.

Which directly leads to my next question: where can I find additional textures when I get logged in from the program ? It seems there is no real difference whether I'm logged in or not ?

Sorry, if that's a stupid question, but I'm a bloody newbie !
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2010/9/5 19:05:56
ASE import I just played around with the new ASE-import function and imported the kubelwagon model from Katsbits.

After saving the scene and reopening later the texture is not shown, although its still activated (see picture left side - reloading of the texture with same result). But when I import the whole model again it looks fine except for the ground recognition (picture right side) ?

Will it also be possible to save imported objects in Muvizu ?
2010/9/5 18:48:47
will this program run on vista I can confirm this - it definitely runs on my Vista Laptop.

The only scene that was and is still not working in the new version was the Jungle Scene that gave the following error:
2010/9/5 18:35:19
New scene window ... get rid of the assembled pictures from older scenes in the start window (Recent) ?
And why are these only shown in colours (see picture) ?

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