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2012/5/9 19:04:04
Need objects besides instruments that can be held Hello again,

This is a feature that 99.9% of the users request all the time
It's something the developers discuss everytime they sit down to talk about new features or how to polish existent ones.

It's not as simple as it may seem, on the technical side, but this is not forgotten.

Thanks for you feedback, keep it coming.

2012/5/9 19:00:46
Directing Effects Hi kenhub,

You can animate the effects intensity, hence turn it off when you need to.

You can do this on the prepare object properties and select intensity on the drop down menu. Also on the animate drop down menu change from "Don't animate" to "Animate".
Then press direct and use the slider to adjust the effect as you see fit.

Note: Make sure you have the effect selected, either manually or in the object drop down menu - in the prepare object animation window.

I hope this helps.

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2012/5/9 17:10:31
Fatal Error! when importing Audio Hi Ian,

Sorry to hear that you are still having problems with this.

Can you send us the set and audio files to so we can have a look?

2012/5/9 16:24:04
Fatal Error! when importing Audio Hi Ian,

Which software are you using to create the audio files? Or is it a file you grabbed on the internet?

Usually my advice for all Muvizu users is to grab audacity.
Then just grab the mp3 exporter -

All you have to do is open the file with Audacity and then export it to mp3. It should run smoothly with Muvizu afterwards.

There is a lot of variables to have in account while using an audio file. This way you will ensure you don't get any problems.

We are not aware of any issues with audio, so I'll say that maybe the audio file you are trying to import is not compatible due some weird setting (bitrate for example).

I hope this helps.

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2012/5/9 14:52:03
Unreal engine 2012 video Simply amazing thanks for sharing.

2012/5/8 16:17:59
How do I show stuff on the flip chart Hi Ian,

You can try adding a backdrop and scale it to size you need.

Then all you have to do is import the images into the background as texture.

Hope this helps.


EDIT: Jamie was faster than me Need more coffee!!
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2012/5/8 9:44:03
Possible issue with the new AMD Mobility driver. Ah I see,

I still think it's possible on the control panel.

Go to Control Panel and select Device Manager.
Extend the Display adapters and select the graphics card.
Right click over it and select properties.
Go to the Driver tab and select Roll back driver.

I did this myself and worked very well, although it was a desktop.
I'm sure AMD will solve that problem soon though, if you don't feel comfortable doing the roll back

2012/5/8 9:39:50
Stereoscopic 3d how to Hi fman00,

Thanks for sharing you knowledge with the community.

I definitely need to try this at some point

2012/5/8 9:38:37
THE SEMI REAL WORLD (Teaser) - Happy Apple Pro Looking good guys, good luck for your project.

All the best,
2012/5/7 10:34:07
Possible issue with the new AMD Mobility driver. Hi theKodu,

Thanks for your updates on this. It will certainly help other users to figure out what's wrong if they get his sort of graphical destruction.

If you don't want to wait for the new drivers you can always roll back to the previous drivers you had installed.

2012/5/3 11:10:42
Dreeko's Tutorials A five stars tutorial, excellent tips

I'm definitely going to use this technique in a future video.
2012/5/2 11:21:30
sdraiato Ciao Pantanik,

Purtroppo i personaggi hanno solo due tipi di posa, in piedi e seduta.
Per animare un personaggio sdraiato dovranno utilizzare le azioni dei personaggi. Ma ogni personaggio può eseguire una sola azione alla volta.

Per visualizzare le animazioni disponibili per gettare un carattere disponibile animocoes l'esperimento in "Character actions - Themes - Pose".

Spero che questo ti aiuta.

Cordiali saluti,
2012/5/1 11:54:06
I am an Astronaut Nice concept Daz, keep up the good work

2012/4/30 14:10:06
Whatever Happened To...? Hi bigwally,

Although I cannot give you a date I can say the community review videos will return soon
Stay tuned!

2012/4/25 13:31:15
Random answers to random questions No worries Dreeko and thanks for making these great tutorials
2012/4/25 11:57:56
Random answers to random questions Ciao pantanik,

La versione in uso non è ancora disponibile al pubblico. Questa versione è disponibile solo per i beta tester.

Presto tutti possono user questa versione.

Cordiali saluti,
2012/4/16 15:09:10
Random answers to random questions Hey Dreeko,

Thanks for putting this video together, some very nice tricks in there.

2012/4/16 13:54:55
We've got some new toys. skylike wrote:
Wanna see what we've been up to?
Heres a peak

That looks intriguing!!

Looking forward to see what you are going to do there

2012/4/13 15:35:11
how do you backup your ipod music? Hi jayceww,

I think you are in the wrong place.
This is an animation related website.

*Edit* Ukberty posted useful information below

I hope this helps in any way or form.

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2012/4/12 17:23:03
watermark question Thanks Neil
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