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2013/8/13 9:35:58
Ballad of the Pokeawillies interesting video, very good,
2013/2/27 22:02:07
To the community at large I agree with InsaneHamster I dont like the subcription Idea either I think you should pay one off payment for a pro version and i would'nt mind paying a few quid for updates.
2013/2/26 15:17:17
What sets would you like added to Gallery here you can Make a suggestion's about what sets you would like to see in the gallery and someone like me who as a lot of time on their hands might make it for you.
2013/2/20 8:52:13
Just for Fun
2013/2/19 22:04:15
Game, SET, and match... :) I was in shock today that someone used one of my sets
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2013/2/11 17:19:53
tags sorry I am on about the sets I would like to try and re-arrange my tags linked to my Account as i dont have any videos for example when i go to upload a set i notice their is a number 10 tag well i dont have the number 10 downing street set anymore?
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2013/1/26 18:05:34
Just for Fun I would like to know how would you advertise Muvizu. Below is a quick example video I made but i think their would be better ones.

2013/1/22 10:58:09
Game, SET, and match... :) I think i need to start making sets that people might want to use lol.
2013/1/19 23:03:58
tags is their any way we can edit the tag section when we upload stuff or after it as been uploaded as sometimes videos get deleted and sets so the tags no longer become relevent.
2012/11/25 19:43:16
Camers stuck The Observation camera seems to be stuck looking into the set from the outside help me
2012/11/7 7:48:32
Rebirth Hi you are right it was me who did the TARDIS set I removed it beacuse it was a quick Job I thought I could do a better set just have'nt got around to it. but good video overall.
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