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2012/3/4 12:07:44
Acting Lessons. Welcome aboard! Glad you like the program, it's My favorite Thing in the Whole Wide World. Nice use of the outline function. I haven't even tried that yet.
2012/3/4 12:03:39
Character circles after movement Had the same thing happen in a video. I just re-did the Character Movement and the fluke did not re-appear.
2012/2/15 21:35:20
What happened to the footsteps sound effects? Here's one I've used recently...
2012/2/8 13:23:07
Random requests! Dylly wrote:
Just been out in the snow with the Beagle and I've been thinking...yup thats what that strange crunching noise was...

What we could do with is a version of each character, male, female etc as an .obj file. then we could import that character into 3d application of choice, Sketchup, 3ds Max, Maya etc...we could then create any number of stiffs etc, for want of a better word. Perhaps it may lead to the creation of new characters for Muvizu based on the existing rigs.

I'll second that. I'm working on a video that requires stone statues of Muvizu characters. The project is stalled because I can't get a realistic looking one by using other tricks.
2012/2/7 11:26:43
Update for ver. 0.19b Any comments about this update? And why there's no focus or announcement about it? What is it for?
2012/2/7 11:04:32
Random requests! In my Nick Danger videos, there are plenty of scenes where I had characters laying unconscious on the floor. I had to compose the scenes *vertically* and give the illusion they were flat on the ground. As for breathing, I mentioned this before, WE NEED IT! Many ideas I've had were shot down because of this breathing stuff.
2012/1/23 11:39:33
Random requests! mysto wrote:
Maybe the developers can get Muvizu to distribute a nice frosty beverage while we are animating? Milk and cookies for the younger folks? I mean if they can do dragons...

Isn't that the "TAB" button? I'd like a nice cold Tab right now.
2012/1/4 16:04:36
Competition thrashout Dreeko wrote:
Hello folks,

Within the latest news item there was a suggestion that someone may like to create a thread to thrash out ideas for a new comp, so here it is!

I'll kick off with - Trailer comp!

Create a trailer for a fictional series, movie, documentary etc. of your own creation with a limit of 60 seconds maximum length. The trailer should be original in content and not just a splicing together of previously created Muvizu movies by your good self's

any thoughts on this idea? or any others?


You know that would open up avenues of spoofery and lampoonery. I'm already inspired.
2011/12/31 14:42:01
Has he been yet ? Congratulations to Dylly and the others who won.

Next time, I'd love to see a real challenge. How about sticking to the 10 second idea? Even I thought it wasn't enough time at first, now I'm more and more intrigued about it. A 10 second video (not counting the titles) as competition fodder.
2011/12/23 11:42:27
Has he been yet ? Dylly wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
If You Wait Then It Will Come....

I mean how restrained am I...?
Not one mention of a vicar
or an actress...
not even a touch of 'titter ye not' or 'ooh err missus'!
It must be Christmas!

Sheer poetry!
2011/12/20 14:18:10
Has he been yet ? toonarama wrote:

Brilliant.......but still hasn't provoked a response. We're dealing with tough cookies here. I think Vince has them all chained to their desks and their mouths taped up

Their silence is deafening! Whaaaaa?
2011/12/20 11:22:59
would be great if it got past the splash screen! Another stab in the dark (sorry, I'm not as well versed, technically, as others here). I found a site that might give us more info.
2011/12/20 11:08:30
would be great if it got past the splash screen! ohdear wrote:
I've been trying to install this for over a year. different versions, different machines, different OS's, nothing works.

latest error on launch is:

address = 0x7245afac (filename not found) [in c:\windows\winsxs\blahblah\msvcr90.dll
address=0x100010956 (filename not found) in c:\program files\muvizu\binaries32\ue3engine.dll
repeated with various hex addresses

all pre-requisites (dotnet etc) are installed, msvcr90.dll is there
I'm not the only one who cant get it running judging by many google searches, bugs are causing widescale irritation - very dissapointing that you go to all the trouble of writing it, and it doesn't install properly, gives a completely useless error message, and as far as I can see, any support is left to users on the forum, which like most internet forums is full of red herrings and stabs in the dark.

If I were the programmer, I'd be sat on this forum every day ironing out bugs, otherwise all that effort has a limited audience.
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Hello to you as well. Sorry you've been having problems, but if you don't say anything (for a year) how you expect any help from, well, anyone? Many users here are quite capable and many of the Muvizu staff are here as well.

You need to let us know your computer specs, including the graphics processor, first of all. Got to know what you're trying to run it on.

Just a thought. Do you have DirectX *9* installed?

BTW - "Stabs in the dark" are usually because of the sparse info that is provided.
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2011/12/15 15:10:38
Bad rendering using Sketchup... Hello again. I am attempting to export Sketchup models into Muvizu. The problem I am having are the (excuse me if I don't know the terminology) artifacting (strange white lines or specks) that appear in almost every conversion I do. I cannot pinpoint which program or hardware device is at fault. Here is a sample of the problem.

My set-up: (Home-built)

Gigabyte MB GA-EP45-UD3LR (Overclocked to 3.33 mHz)
CPU Intel E7400 Core2Duo
GPU Galaxy GT240 (Overclocked)

I have tried it with the aforementioned with overclocking on and off, with the same results.

This is driving me nuts and has squelched any progress on 4 different projects I was working on.

2011/12/15 13:15:04
New character? simonheffer wrote:
A baby character - with crawling,crying,thumb sucking etc animations.
I know some people (like ukberty) have come up with some pretty good attempts but they still remind me of a school play I was in when our chemistry teachers dressed up as babies (very disturbing).

Good idea! I went thru a hair-pulling session when I needed a baby for my video "Deteriorata". I Use the "fat man" character and used a fish-eye look at him (using Pinnacle Studio) to achieve the desired (?) results.
2011/12/5 11:58:47
Fail to make video using this set ziggy72 wrote:
Also loaded up for myself no problem - it's such a simple set, I can't see what could be giving you an issue. Oh, hang on...

Yeah, timeline again. Nelson, you have to drag the diamond shaped marker at the zero point of the timeline across to the right to define how long your movie is going to be. It can't be 0.00, as it is now, so drag it up to 4 minutes, which is where your audio ends. Then you should be able to Make Video without any problem. Hope that helps.

Good one, Ziggy! Now I just have to remember to read posts more carefully.
2011/12/4 10:27:27
Fail to make video using this set You aren't very specific about the exact problem you are having. I loaded the .set and it loaded without a problem. It does, however, chokes slightly around the 71% area, indicating to me that you are using an imported 3D object somewhere in there, but it loaded for me, eventually.

Probably the same bugaboo that most of us all have... Not Enough Memory, either in the machine itself or in the graphics card.

Third, it is a very simple set, why not just recreate it, if you can't get the original to work. Another idea, turn off the scrolling on your background planes. Turn them on when you are ready to direct and make video. Turn them off before saving. Memory eaters, you know.
2011/11/30 2:45:39
NEW UPDATE I'm sorry, but I think the 6150SE is too outdated and too weak a graphics card to run Muvizu. I'm not entirely sure, but I believe the '50' part of the model number indicates that the graphics card is part of the motherboard's built in integrated circuit. I may be wrong about that. Integrated graphics cards are not as powerful as standalone types.

Look up 6150SE on Google and that should give you a clue.
2011/11/13 17:22:12
facial animation workaround Dreeko wrote:
Do you want your character to have a blank expression instead of grinning like a maniac?

Well, I have been playing around with muvizu (shock!) and discovered that if you wish to create a blank expression on a character when they are in the seated position use the "guitar idle" animation and if your character is standing then use "drums idle" and your character will suddenly lose all emotion until you decide otherwise by selecting a different animation.



I've been doing this for a while now with using the keyboardist setting. Boy, I feel like a jerk for not saying anything. Good work, Dreeko. The guitar position works great!
2011/10/31 20:52:04
My Muvizu account is associated with wrong Youtube IanS wrote:
That's them all arrived now in your account bigwally

All back, better than ever! Many thanks, again!
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