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2012/4/21 1:19:04
Extremely slow upload to muvizu/youtube...Help... Sounds like your video is too BIG!!!

Try the xvid codec.
Your file sizes need to be under 150 megs for a good upload.
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2012/4/12 12:19:11
Need a model or set made? Hi Dylly, nice one, ok, I Was busy some time back making a
comedy clip with the Tardis and could not find a good Tardis
control station.
There is one in sketchup but its not in a Muvizu style?

Something like the new Dr Who control centre would be cool!!!
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2012/4/10 22:54:41
3D Modelling Packages (For Object Import) Oh yes, Daz 3d is good stuff, loads and loads of free models!
2012/4/5 0:09:40
What is Muvizu? Well said Dylly, you know, I was watching an old Muppet Movie
the other day with my kids and you know what, they loved it!!!
Now, it struck me, these characters were puppets right? they
did not have facial expressions, or facial animations.
What i'm trying to say here is Jim Henson created very lovable characters, wrote great scripts, and made great movies with them, and also remember these puppets struggled with holding or interacting with props!!!
So, to me, if Henson did it, so can Muvizuers....
Script.. Script ..Script all the way baby!!!
Muvizu is an easy, fast, happy movie maker with style.
It also makes you smile!
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2012/4/2 10:32:48
More musical instruments? Ha ha ha, nice one, yeah, the triangle, I always wanted one an
you could never find any private tutors.

I say SOD THE RECORDER and its orrible cleaning liquid!!!!!
Give the kids a Triangle and be happy...
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2012/4/2 10:09:34
More musical instruments? Hi team, just me, just a little question, is there any more
Musical instruments to come in the near future?

I would love to see a Banjo, mouth organ, violin....

Thanks and Yeeeee haaaaa partners!!

2012/3/29 12:06:30
Voice actors? We need em. I'll have go if you want?
2012/3/27 11:27:40
Sketchup to Muvizu Nice one Dylly, also, this bridge has a medieval theme to it.

Maybe a defensive bridge, you could have Bow slots on either

Just a thought, anyway, You could call it............

" The Dark Crusader Bridge!!!!"
2012/3/27 10:15:37
Sketchup to Muvizu Hi Dylly, just been admiring your handywork, brilliant models
by the way, and very nice that you have worked so hard to get
that Muvizu look in your models, top Muvizuer!!

Now, your bridge is great, and looking forward to the movie,
Could I suggest Gargoyles Heads on the corners, and maybe,
A sword and shield design in the middle?

2012/3/22 13:23:35
Push it to the limit ... limiiiiiit Hi skylike, I have been off the forums for a while but have
been keeping an eye on new talent here, and I like your work.

I love Zombie Movies, mainly the old ones,flesh eaters, and my
Fave Dawn of the Dead.
Now, if you are going to make your series last, I would say

More Gore, more Gore, more gore...
Honestly, people just love zombie gore, flying heads act.
Why don't you try decapitations ? Zombies cut in two? Maybe
a lot of green screen work, and textures, but this will give
it the polish it needs, and the YouTube hits it deserves.
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2011/12/24 10:36:06
Merry Christmas. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

Open your hearts and let yourself be filled with the Christmas Spirit!

That's Chritmas Spirit guys... not Christmas BELLS!!
Err, go on then, BELLS too, and a Snowball in the face for good measure.

All the best, artpen
2011/12/6 13:04:24
Break Up Stories:- Need a few Animators... Nice work ziggs, lovely sets
2011/12/6 11:36:02
question about muvizu spec I agree, its not as smooth as the last version, but we have to accept some slowdowns as the software becomes more advanced.
2011/12/6 10:09:00
question about muvizu spec Hi alakyr, Remember, Muvizu is a game engine, and like all advanced games it can
Be hardware intensive, but don't be put off, just try and keep your sets simple,
keep turning the lights off when animating, or even try a Game Booster to shut down background activity on your pc, and lastly try and keep your scenes short and edit it into more complex bigger scenes in your editing software.

Muvizu is an ambitious project, and will continue to be more pc
intensive, just like all Top software, its on the move.
I agree the timeline is a bit jittery and slow on this version, but HQ are working on it, rest assured.
Enjoy the ride......

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2011/11/29 13:21:46
Muvizu remakes Nice work!
2011/11/23 10:29:27
Thank you - Drychalice and 65Radius Top Muvizuers, thanks for all of your comments
2011/11/11 11:03:04
New character? Hi Team Muvizu, I feel like a kid wanting to look in the cupboard for presents.

Christmas is coming, could I have a sneak peek on Character advancements?
Sorry Santa Clause, I was the little boy you left behind so I want to see my
Presents now!!

Spoilt little prat I was really...
2011/10/31 8:16:35
Muvizu TV Hi guys, I think if we keep it a basic channel setup it would be easier for the Muvizu website wizards to implement.

1- Comedy
2- Drama
3- Action
4- Thriller
5- Horror
6- Music
7- Kids
8- Documentary/Tutorials
9- Experimental Videos
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2011/10/23 20:53:32
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) I might have to revert to the previous version also because this version is being
Very naughty indeed....
2011/10/23 19:54:02
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) I know how you feel zigs, my head is about to explode!!!!!

Muvizu is not being nice to me at the moment, it's just decided to give me render
Problems..... lots of jagged edges, not smooth at all.
This Computer is about to be micro slaughted!!!!
edited by artpen on 23/10/2011
edited by artpen on 23/10/2011
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