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2013/6/3 10:41:13
Do not limit resolution. 3D. MrDrWho13 wrote:
I know it's not easy, but, I believe this is possible by moving the camera slightly, doing a second render, and using an external video editor to make it 3d.
fman00 and some other users did some great work with stereoscopic 3D Muvizu videos a wee while back. The videos don't embed properly on the forum, but you can see some examples and read a brief "How-To" guide here: http://www.muvizu.com/forum/topic1778-stereoscopic-3d-how-to.aspx
I, personally, would love to see more users experiment and get creative with this kind of stuff.
2013/6/3 10:37:23
Graphics Card Reccomendations For future reference, a rough guide to the bare minimum PC specs for running Muvizu:Play can be found here: http://www.muvizu.com/System-requirements

Any graphics card with Shader Model 3 (or better) should do the trick!
2013/6/3 10:28:35
Icons B/W after update Hi digitalartsguy,

Is the icon entirely black and white, or is it a black "M" on a white background with a little pink circle...? If the latter, then it's supposed to look like that in keeping with our recent image upgrade (you may also have noticed the logo change on this very site)!

If the icons are entirely black and white then that's very strange. Is it only the Muvizu:Play icons which are black and white, or have ALL your Windows icons gone black and white? Could you post a screenshot here, or e-mail one as an attachment to bugs@muvizu.com along with some details of your PC's graphics card, operating system and general specs...?

2013/6/3 10:11:44
Suggestions to increase Muvizu 3d I know some people seem to get the impression that every time one of our users requests a feature that everyone wants (like prop holding or a Mac version) that everyone in the office gathers 'round a PC to read the post and laugh at it, but I assure you this is not the case. We don't make this app for us, we make it for YOU. If all of YOU are requesting something, then of course we want to put it in there and make you happy. Please be aware that absolutely EVERYTHING mentioned in this thread is being worked on in some capacity, but it's not an instant process. We're very gradually chipping away at it. We hope that one day Muvizu:Play will have ALL the features you could EVER want, and we really are working towards that reality. But it's a painfully slow process - painful for you and for us. If anyone wants to come down the office and try to add any of these features in an evening then feel free!* Until then, trust that we're doing our best to give YOU what YOU want.

*Not a real offer.
2013/5/31 15:10:04
azione personaggio pantanik wrote:
I have seen many movies made with Muvizu and I see that the characters of the characters are often interrupted.
For example: if I want to stay his hand up to indicate the sky and not to drop it .... there must be a way.
Any Character Action which is under a "Pose" category will result in the character holding a pose at the end of the animation rather than returning to their idle state.
Most characters have a "pose" sub-category for most of their top-level categories (EG Happy > Pose, Wobbly > Pose, DJ > Pose) as well as a separate standalone top-level "Pose" category. All other non-Pose animations (should!) play through from beginning to end and leave the character in the same idle position at the end as they were in before the animation began, with no way to get them to hold a pose mid-animation.

I'm not even gonna pretend I can put through a translator and make sensible Italian out of that! Your English seems solid anyway! Please don't hesitate to ask for further clarification if necessary, though.
2013/5/29 11:18:00
Pie in the sky suggestion #1 The ability to move grouped objects is something that has been on our "To-Do" lists for a while and is regularly mentioned as something we hope to work towards implementing ASAP.
2013/5/29 11:15:28
micro animation Hey, fullmetall! At present there is no way to output from Muvizu:Play to GIF or similar animated image file format, as the purpose and focus of our app is to produce video with audio in formats suitable for video sharing sites such as YouTube. If you wanted to, though, you could always output a short animation as a Targa sequence (choose "Targa sequence (.tga)" from the "Save As Type" dropdown menu in the "Save As" window as you go through the Make Video process) and then use image editing tools to make a high quality GIF out of all those TGA files? WARNING: outputting as a Targa sequence WILL give you a LOT of TGA files!
Or, if you want to make a GIF of a video you've already uploaded to YouTube, you can use something like http://www.gifsoup.com to capture the clip you want and save it in GIF form (though you have to register for an account there first and they'll add a watermark to your finished GIF).

We only allow static images as usericons here on the Muvizu forum, which is why you couldn't use your animated GIF. I imagine the same applies to Twitter backgrounds. Too many animated GIFs can come across as cluttered, messy and annoying to look at, which is why many sites only allow static images for usericons, backgrounds, etc.!
2013/5/28 17:26:32
Harlem shake ghost house edition Please make more Ghost House videos. or Dark Ninja Reviews videos. Or, just, do something. To quote the great Alice Deejay, I want you back in my life.
2013/5/28 14:47:37
weird question... "Hoarding" is just a general term used to describe any sort of temporary wall or fence, as far as I'm aware. I think it's a term with roots in construction and isn't necessarily an art / acting / theatre thing, which may explain why you haven't heard it despite your experience in these fields!
2013/5/28 11:41:18
Man of Steel..Identity Crisis (Batman vs Superman) Dreeko wrote:
This video has accumulated just under 400 views in a day! More than my previous video has accumulated in a month!
Youtube is a strange unpredictable beast!
I imagine that having the full title of one of the most hotly-anticipated movies of the year right at the start of the title of your video has helped with that! A lesson to us all - catch 'em with a popular search term title, reel 'em in with quality video content.
2013/5/23 10:49:23
error while downloading muvizu Could you give us some more info on the error that is occurring, EG share any error messages you are getting or describe what exactly is going wrong?
2013/5/23 9:41:25
Where are the easter egg codes? If what was WANTED by this POSTER was a clue to an Easter Egg, I wouldn't OBJECT to giving them a wee hand in finding one.
2013/5/22 15:29:02
My first attempt at a video A very entertaining video and an excellent tribute to all your wife has accomplished, well done to you both. Is Jake's testimony his own real life story?
2013/5/17 15:17:31
Sketchup to MUVIZU Hi kornexls,

You can download a plugin for Sketchup that allowed you to export 3D models made in Sketchup to the Muvizu-supported .ASE file format here: http://www.muvizu.com/download/muvizuaseexporter.rb <-- Just save this file to the "Plugins" folder under your Sketchup installation in the Program Files folder. Once that's in there, next time you start Sketchup you should be able to click Plugins > Muvizu ASE Export > Export ASE Format.

If that's not clear enough, you can probably get a better idea of how it works by watching this Tutorial on exporting a 3D object with collision to .ASE using Sketchup and then importing that .ASE file to Muvizu:
2013/5/16 10:39:47
Processes still running after closing program Thanks a lot for your feedback, guys. We were actually obtusely aware of this bug, as it had been reported as happening once to one person in the office in the past, but we couldn't reproduce it and never saw it happen again. I will pass your message along to the devs and hopefully with the help of your info we can get to the bottom of what's causing Muvizu.exe to persist after the app is closed for some people!
2013/5/16 10:26:29

The current version of Muvizu:Play should, by default, automatically give audio tracks the same name as the filename which they are sourcing their audio from. EG if you import "ME TALKING.WAV", then Muvizu:Play should change the audio track name to "ME TALKING.WAV" to match.

Unfortunately there is a wee bug in just now which prevents you from further renaming your audio tracks after they have been imported, but if you need the audio tracks to have specific names then you can just rename the files to whatever name you want before you import them!

We know this isn't ideal, and you'll always have the file extension (EG .wav, .mp3 or .avi) at the end of the audio name, but hopefully it'll do the trick for you just now until we can get the audio track renaming bug squished!
2013/5/15 18:09:31
Processes still running after closing program Glad to hear this is no longer an issue for you, mungy! ukBerty - are you still having problems with the Muvizu process not terminating properly when you close the app, or has this cleared-up for you too...?

Also, just out of curiosity, this question for both of you (as well as anyone else who may have had this problem)... Did it ever happen with Muvizu:Play (v1.0)? Or just with older versions of Muvizu?
2013/5/9 10:15:02
Download link missing. WozToons wrote:
It reappeared after resizing so it's probably something in the page code.
I reckon this is exactly the problem. The new-look Muvizu website is "responsive" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Responsive_web_design) so that the same content is delivered to every device and browser in the most appropriate manner for the user. A good example is if you go to http://www.muvizu.com/ with the browser window maximised and then you reduce the width of the window so that it gets "skinnier" - at a certain point, the links next to the Muvizu logo (""What Is Muvizu?", "Gallery", "Get Assets", etc.) will seem to disappear BUT a little pink box with white lines will replace them. If you click the pink box with white lines, you'll see that the links have actually been stuffed away in there, to make the page less cluttered in a smaller window size. The site is full of clever little tricks like that to make it easy to view and navigate across different platforms! My guess is that the download links are doing a similar thing but no wee box is coming up to replace them. Thanks a lot for bringing this to our attention - hopefully it'll get sorted soon!

Mike_Num_5 wrote:
Thanks for all the input guys. I'm gonna put all the suggestions / problems highlighted to the 'web-brains' at Muvizu HQ and see what comes of it
Aye, alright big man, I already did it yesterday so put yer own trumpet back in yer pocket and away you back to yer bed!
2013/5/1 17:29:39
Vimeo Option for uploading videos tonyf69 wrote:
How can I put this suggestion to the Muvizu Team, anybody know?
You already have. I've forwarded your idea to the web team and they'll see what they can do about adding Vimeo videos to Profiles / the Gallery / etc. It may be difficult to do and it may be some time before we hear any progress on it, though, as the Muvizu Gallery comments and YouTube video comments are linked and I imagine that it would be difficult to also integrate Vimeo into the way things work... However, your suggestion has been noted, appreciated and I promise it will be looked into!
2013/5/1 13:27:32
So much potential, so many bugs ukBerty wrote:
There is still another focus issue – sometimes the mouse is not active when you come back to Muvizu. This happens sometimes if you go to another application and back to Muvizu (I do this all the time). You have to click on a different window (can even be the timeline window) and back to get the mouse to move you round the set.
This is unfortunately known to happen if you take the focus off of Muvizuwhile opening a saved set or loading a new scene and can be fixed by just clicking on something else, as you mentioned, or simply keeping Muvizu the active window while opening a set (which we know isn't idea for larger sets and is something we're working on fixing very soon). Have you definitely had it happen at random moments when you haven't been opening a saved set or loading a new scene...?

A massive thanks to everyone who has stuck by us with the teething issues for the new UI, by the way! A lot more work has gone into Muvizu:Play than even what can be seen on the surface; it has been a massive undertaking and unfortunately some issues have slipped through the cracks along the way. At the end of the day, we love Muvizu as much - if not more - than you guys do and we take a massive amount of pride in our application and in knowing that our userbase is happy with it. There may be some new features or adjustments which have rubbed some of you up the wrong way, but if the past few days on the forum have proven anything I hope it's that we do listen and respond to everything you guys say in the hopes of making you even happier and refining an app we can be even more proud to put out there.
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