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2016/4/8 21:29:38
Pan control for audio It would be great to have an automatable pan control for audio tracks, especially for people working exclusively in Muvizu.
2016/4/8 21:09:15
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs There are wierd things happening with loading textures with projects, I had the beard texture for one character load as the shield for another. This is using FBX files.
2016/4/6 20:18:26
FBX imports There's a bug with transparent textures loading properly, anything I have that has a transparency I need to load manually after loading from a favorite. I think that may be related to what you are seeing.
2016/4/4 0:22:16
Some new animated foilage? I think I'll bow out of this forum and community now, it is way too small, mostly I'd only be talking to you and you are trying to make me go away, so... Bye.
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2016/4/4 0:20:17
Some new animated foilage? Um ok. Sorry but this kinda sounds condescending. I'll be getting iclone in the future, was planning on that for a long time, but that doesn't mean I don't want to use Muvizu even then. This is the feedback thread, I'm just throwing out ideas, I'm not batching about the product. I want Muvizu to prosper frankly because I love their business model of a free version for all people to use and want to see it popularized. That's where my suggestions really come from, enthusiasm.
2016/4/3 21:07:39
Some new animated foilage? But if you don't want the default cartoony trees, you are stuck. Some upgraded foliage would be nice. Alternately, if we could add textures to the existing ones, that would make for a lot more variety as well.
2016/4/3 20:48:43
Texture resizing for imported FBX please And actually, I can get animating textures to a degree if I animate the camera, so there is that too.
2016/4/3 20:42:55
Texture resizing for imported FBX please I just tried using textures from the camera trick and it is cool, you can add camera effects like bloom that way, so though it is not so simple to set up, you need a camera and a cube added to the scene, but having the added camera stuff is pretty darn cool. If only these textures could also be animated, then I would have everything I want with this. As it is, at least I have a work around for replacing textures in imported models with much more flexible textures. Cool
2016/4/3 19:40:03
Texture resizing for imported FBX please Wabby wrote:
braj wrote:
When selecting textures for the built-in Abstract objects, you can resize the texture, but imported FBX won't allow it. Please add it if it is easy to implement, I would love to be able to import models into Muvizu and be able to have more flexibility in adjusting the texture.


Good idea, Braj !

May be animated texture and camera texture would be nice too, I guess.

We can do animated camera textures now, we can get resizeable textures if we use the camera trick with a cube instead of a background. But that's really sloppy way to do it. Even a script or something that would set up the camera and object for the trick would be help.
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2016/4/3 3:36:45
Texture resizing for imported FBX please When selecting textures for the built-in Abstract objects, you can resize the texture, but imported FBX won't allow it. Please add it if it is easy to implement, I would love to be able to import models into Muvizu and be able to have more flexibility in adjusting the texture.
2016/4/1 22:26:40
animation fans Just as an aside, you can use Muvizu itself to create backgrounds with transparencies, so say you design a little forest thing in Muvizu, just set your cameras up with what you want rendered on a layer, record a short image sequence rendering only that layer, then create a new scene and import the rendered image as a backdrop.
2016/3/28 10:09:48
EXPERIMENTATION STATION! Here's another dragon, this is a very low poly one that I subdivided actually to make more polys and thus smoother. I put the head in a separate object, the wings were too hard for what I wanted to do, which was create a really simple prop with two pieces you could keyframe easily and that was reasonably ok and easy enough on people's systems too.

I don't know that I can redistribute this so I am just posting the link, the head itself can easily be separated in Blender. It is an FBX but since it has rigging it will not work/might crash Muvizu when importing. You want to make sure armature is not included in the export from Blender.

This is a 5 minute worth of animation work, if you spent a little more time and thought it out, it would be much cleaner than this. This is a sloppy test really.

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2016/3/26 23:49:21
Coming Soon 2016 ukBerty wrote:
Happy New Year Muvizuers...

Who knows, maybe this year "Beware the Eye of Amun-Ra" will finally see the light of day.....

That looks awesome! How do you do the flashlight animation?
2016/3/26 19:44:27
Mix fire textures and colors with lights I love the built in fire particle system in Muvizu, and that it lets you use your own textures is great. Here are 5 quick textures I made for varying the types of flames, they aren't great but if you aren't into making your own, here ya go.

What I especially like is using multiple flames at once using different textures, I use the default as the heart of the flame, then add another texture to be the licking flames, and change the color to more reddish. If you add a few point lights flickering, it really gives a nice effect IMO. Then just group them all and duplicate them to make a huge conflagration. And remember that you can select a blank 'no image' for the smoke if you want to eliminate it, in case you are using the fire effect for engine exhaust etc.
2016/3/26 18:00:59
braj wrote:
Yeah, I am having problems getting poses out of Poser, lol. I need to figure that out ASAP.

Not sure what you mean... do you mean problems creating the pose? Or problems exporting the pose?

It was just export settings, I am not sure what I was doing wrong, but it wasn't outputting the morphs, just the original pose. It seems sorted now, but I'm not sure how I resolved it.
2016/3/26 17:56:07
EXPERIMENTATION STATION! Oh hey, one more thing about animating 3objects in ASP: they would be static props unless I use the Poser scene import, which doesn't actually give you individual keyframes for each movement in ASP. I definitely looked into that, it is the reason I bought Poser in the first place.
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2016/3/26 17:53:29
I know you also have Anime Studio... it supports 3D animation, and its keyframing is well developed (and it does allow copy-paste among other things)

Have you tried doing a dragon fly-by animation in ASP with a green screen background, then adding it to your scene in the video editing stage?

I can do that more easily and faster in Poser. BTW you don't need a green screen, ASP will output all images with transparency when using uncompressed AVI, MOV on Macs, or image sequences. I think what I am going to eventually want is the Mocha Hitfilm 3d camera solving thing.

The challenge IMO is getting the animation to happen in Muvizu, and hopefully in a way that is reasonably easy for users exclusively making their film in Muvizu. Right now it just isn't easy. Once you start making things in other apps, you kinda go outside the target market for Muvizu, and I'm just hoping at some point there are characters and props available that would make it easy for a kid to make a dragon.

I think of the tree props that have some subtle built in animations, if Muvizu could make more animated props like a bird flapping its wings that would be really helpful, and maybe that is the best way for Muvizu to approach this, it wouldn't make the user experience any more complicated.
2016/3/26 6:57:25
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? PatMarrNC wrote:
you're doing some cool stuff here, Braj...
unfortunately your explanation of how you did it went right over my head. It would be great if you'd post a set that included elements like you're showing here so we could experiment with them ourselves

I posted a set file to the store yesterday, I don't know if it has been approved yet, it has a low poly sailing ship and round ocean tiles. But basically, to explain the water, you just need to take a multiply plane in a 3d app and ripple the surface in a way that you think looks good. I use a wave generator in Poser to do it, but there are lots of ways. Blender has an option I believe to select random vertices, do that on a flat plane and just move the random selection onwards to the size of your waves (use the Blender subdivision modifier to make a simple square many polygons if you need a plane) and set the materials like the Blender tutorials on the wiki state, give it a texture, import it to Muvizu and replace the texture with the camera texture trick, animating it there. I'm on a phone, later I'll try and make one download with a few water tiles and features to make Blender unnecessary hopefully for many.

What I want to try next for water is animated textures with animated waves using the pivoting feature for controlling the movement. I need to watch the tutorial on animating objects again, muvizu has more tricks than I'm using I'm sure of it ☺
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2016/3/26 6:42:23
EXPERIMENTATION STATION! OK, so I actually did get using OBJ files as frames working for a flapping cycle, I really do not recommend trying this, it is way harder than is worth it, the results are going to be choppy, the work involved to do it well is excessive, and it is basically a PITA. If you wanted say three posed to do a slight movement or to get a selection of held poses, it would be ok, but anything complex I would not try it again. Here's the three FBX with the set file I was working on, I will be way better off personally doing this in Poser. Learning Blender is easier than doing it this way, basically. At the point you are creating multiple models you really have the skills to do this outside Muvizu. Just I want to make it work, damnit I got something, but it isn't pretty. If someone does want to make this work, I would suggest rendering your dragon animation in a layer as image files, then you can move them around in a video editor more easily. that way you only really deal with a few keyframes in Muvizu, and have the freedom to easily change the timing. I might try that.
2016/3/26 4:23:15
EXPERIMENTATION STATION! Something like a basic dragon flying, with a down beat, up beat, center pose, and maybe another in between on each end. So 5 models? And then animate them flying across the sky, one visible at a time in the proper sequence.
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