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2013/1/18 9:53:26
Whack- a- mole or trigger happy style? WozToons wrote:
This is a very good idea. Are you listening Team Muvizu?

Oh they hear us Woz, they hear us..
2013/1/17 23:21:53
Whack- a- mole or trigger happy style? I don't think you are alone in this Urbanlamb, which is why I think a prepared list ( which would show the character action previously selected, the one ready to be be fired on to the timeline and the one next to come) would be the most effective, quick and easiest method for the user whilst maintaining the realtime " direct don't animate" philosophy and practice.
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2013/1/17 22:58:55
Whack- a- mole or trigger happy style? I think I've mentioned this one before on the forum but here it is again anyway...

The current method for directing character actions can be like this..

When directing you find yourself frantically scanning around for the animation block that you need next before the time for it to be selected( whacked) appears on the timeline. Matters are made even worse when you have to move from one set of nine on one tab to another! So...

If we could load up a list or a scrolling bar of our character actions which would be dispensed in the order we prepared them in, one after another then I feel this would prove to be a more accurate and methodical approach to placing character action where we want them during direction than the current system.
I'm not saying replace the whack a mole method ( although I know I would always use the other!)as some may enjoy it. No I'm suggesting that it be implemented as an alternative.

Any thoughts Muvizuers?
2013/1/17 12:45:39
Coming Soon... ziggy72 wrote:
Since I posted that picture I've added more lights to stengthen up the tube lights, put a coffee 'liquid' texture on the cups, added some maps to the table... but now I'm finished. Maybe

Nothing better than a well lit set!
...but there comes a time where you have to stop worrying whether the scene looks better with a 100 watt or a 60 watt bulb and get down to the animating nitty gritty.

Come on Zig your public awaits! we want the movie!

All together now... "We want the movie! We want the movie! We want the movie!"
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2013/1/17 12:42:39
Driving actions Please ;) Lets go further than that!

Let us have character attachments which are whole body attachments in the shape of vehicles (cars, planes etc.) and introduce new character movements which allow us to move the characters around in the seated positions suitable for the vehicle of choice using the same character movement system available.
2013/1/15 9:09:14
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar Well done everyone!
When you get your goodies delivered you should upload a photo of them for us all to drool over!

I wonder what the next competition will be ...any thoughts?
One for Valentines day perhaps? Easter? Who knows..
2013/1/10 14:37:07
Moo moo 2
2013/1/8 16:59:21
Moo Just playing around with my facial animation eyebrow cheat...

2013/1/8 12:00:58
Really good text to speech ! Here's the gadget show feature on it


Works even better in the video!
2013/1/8 10:29:15
Really good text to speech ! Hi folks!

This company were featured on the gadget show - http://www.cereproc.com

They have a demo bar at the top of the page with a selection of voices to choose from. Try it out it's pretty cool.

And guess what! they are another company based in Scotland!!

2012/12/23 14:45:05
Hello! I thought I would introduce myself... Hello there Senpal!
As ukberty says, any queries just ask and I'm sure one of us will have an answer or a workaround etc to help out.

Welcome and enjoy!

2012/12/21 12:53:58
The Elephant in the Room Glad you enjoyed it Marco

2012/12/21 8:34:00
The Elephant in the Room Thanks folks!
2012/12/20 0:13:50
The Elephant in the Room No problem!
2012/12/20 0:12:56
Voice actors? We need em. No probs
If you listen to the voice that introduces the Muvizu advent treasure hunt video then you will have heard Keery!

Come on Kerry, your zombie town stardom waits!
2012/12/19 23:30:33
Voice actors? We need em. Ask Kerry
Her accent is real and I'm sure she'd jump at the chance!
2012/12/19 22:53:23
The Elephant in the Room gimmick wrote:
Nice shades of gray and beige !

But unfortunately I don't understand everything in spoken english. So what is the pitch and the last word of the elephant?

I will send you the last words so it is not spoiled for others.

Oh and I must point out that the set was modified (slightly) from the wonderful church set created by the meticulous ziggy72..cheers mate!
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2012/12/19 22:29:15
The Elephant in the Room New video!
The Elephant in the Room

Hope you enjoy, share, comment etc

2012/12/19 22:18:45
New for 2013 So the popular guess is that it's going to be like an extremely successful British comedy series yet powered by illegal substances.

...sounds hopeful, yet illegal Toast

In the meantime...another random Dreeko vid is being uploaded for your pleasure as I type!
2012/12/19 10:46:41
New for 2013 Phoenix nights!, League of gentlemen!?

High expectations! I'd have my work cut out to come even slightly close to those towers of comedy!

Simmer doon folks!, simmer doon!
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