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2012/5/20 20:36:54
No show in Muvizu Gallery Did you upload them via muvizu?
2012/5/18 15:30:55
Just ask Alan Dylly wrote:
Alan, Alan, speak to me...before you go...If I can't take my GTN spray on board a plane how the hell are the Olympic Committee gonna get a fire on an Easyjet?

Dylly..(slap!)DYLLY!!.. He's gone..
2012/5/18 15:28:25
Just ask Alan Neil wrote:
Now I'll forever be in that situation where I can't find me keys and me mobile phone.

Just like Alan, they've gone to a better place.
2012/5/18 14:22:18
Just ask Alan Dylly wrote:
Who shot Alan?

All will be revealed......
2012/5/18 13:38:13
Just ask Alan Just ask Alan No.3

Last vid of the week (In more ways than one!)

2012/5/16 14:03:26
Just ask Alan Dylly! your question has been answered!..

All comments welcome
2012/5/16 12:43:26
Just ask Alan freakmoomin wrote:
im sure youve heard it a million times but it REALLY is amazing!
rarely a bad episode. you should buy some.
comedy genius!

Will do

Another Just ask Alan coming soon btw (Dylly's question) It may cause furrowed brows amongst a certain gender but hey ho! ...love him or hate him...Alan is Alan.
2012/5/16 12:04:46
Just ask Alan Do you know...I have never watched family guy. However, after your post I checked out a couple of clips on youtube and now feel I have to see them all!
2012/5/15 21:54:27
Just ask Alan Just ask Alan no.1 - Dangerous dogs

If you want a straight talking opinion to a topical/controversial question of the day then just ask Alan and he'll tell it like it is (according to him)

If you have another burning question for Alan post it here and you should get an answer.

It may not be a popular one..but it will be an answer all the same!

All comments welcome
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2012/5/15 11:00:59
camera right click I've been meaning to highlight this one for a while..

When I right click in the camera window to quickly locate a certain camera and the view moves over to where it is positioned, it would be far better if the view moved to just slightly behind its location instead of staring straight into the lens, as the reason for moving to your camera of choice is usually to change its viewpoint and this is always done from behind.

Thank you!

2012/5/15 10:50:14
Coming Soon... ziggy72 wrote:
Can't believe there isn't already a 'coming soon' thread on here. Oh well, there is now

Working on my biggest project yet - a 12 minute presentation on the pros and cons of how to recover from being dumped, with my co-collaborator Thea Newcomb. Due for release on the 4th of July, the So You've Been Dumped website's 12th anniversary. Here is a work-in-progress screenshot.

A word of advice - never try to put over 130 Muvizu characters into one place and then try to make them all look at the same point Brick Wall You will lose your mind.

Also working with a writer friend of mine on a short story about serial killers (as you do). Fun summer ahead!

Good God Zig! you must have an absolute beast of a machine if you can handle a crowd like that!. The audience I created for the first Dara O Briain clip caused my system to crawl slower than a snake with a broken arse! ..and the head count was far less than the cast you have employed!

I wondered where your serial killer project had gone. I'm working on a character who also has similar mental issues but my project takes a different slant on the subject than your own (comedy)

Must be an East Kilbride thing
2012/5/11 22:07:30
Random requests! Yes zig I concur ...as you may have gathered

I'm sure something is in the pipeline..
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2012/5/11 11:06:13
Feedback Thread - v0.20b release (May 2012) Working a treat so far seems to be working a little faster but maybe that's my imagination(like when you buy a new pair of trainers and think that you can run faster!)
2012/5/10 0:37:30
Unreal engine 2012 video ziggy72 wrote:
Deep fried orange? Now that would be very Scottish of me! Big Grin

Especially if it was a chocolate one...hmmnn...now I'm hungry!
2012/5/9 21:35:53
Unreal engine 2012 video ziggy72 wrote:
<sigh> depressed now. We've got sooooooo far to go...

How very scottish of you Zig. The future's bright! eat an orange!
2012/5/9 14:37:11
Unreal engine 2012 video

Lots of toys!
2012/5/6 15:05:15
Anyone use AVS? quality lost from Muvizu to AVS... Yip, Sony Vegas here too!
2012/5/3 22:26:17
Dreeko's Tutorials Tutorials playlist updated.

2012/5/3 13:48:50
Dreeko's Tutorials Jamie wrote:
Really useful tip Dreeko, and what a lovely looking scene it is. Now, how would you do puddles?

Puddles, hmmn.. I'll have a think about this one..
2012/5/3 13:44:39
Dreeko's Tutorials Dylly wrote:
Excellent Tutorial! A question though...you moved the car at the end and the lights moved with the car..headlamps and tail lights...how was that done?

The lights on the moving car are part of the car. No external lights were added. If you go to the object properties of the car you will see that the brightness of the lights can be adjusted. The lights which were added to the stationary car may have made your
mind think that the moving car had the same, but this was not the case.

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