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2010/8/31 20:51:55
point A to point B animation I'm going to bring this topic up to the top again as I feel the camera would greatly benefit from an option to move it between markers. So a way of putting markers down and say camera move through those markers at speed x. Could really do with that and the walking/running too would benefit as already suggested.
2010/8/31 20:48:14
Ooooooh! not quite there with the Dolly Zoom I like the new camera animation, just finished scene 1 (after the intro) of my project using it. To use it properly it will take a bit of getting used to the keyboard controls of course, but once you've really mastered that it would be quick I should think.

What I'm going to ask to be added is a way of putting markers down and say camera move through those markers at speed x. Could realy do with that and the walking/running too would benefit.
2010/8/31 14:41:57
New site Yes just realised they have there own meshes area, well cool, so much the better and scrap my suggestion. Will put some up when I do some...
2010/8/31 13:44:42
New site Like the fresh new look and glad you ported the database

Looking forward to getting home tonight and using the new software, where I can continue with some of the scenes using moving cameras.

Also if people do meshes compatible with Muvizu using something like blender then send them to and I'll put them up (time allowing) at for all to use... Just an Idea but could be cool to share Muvizu compatible meshes as well as sets.
2010/8/31 7:21:37
Unfaithful Nancy --- Muvizu with another program I will have the same issue as I need to do my project in many bits then combine them and edit it a bit more in Vegas Studio, so that means I won't be able to have it shown in the Muvizu Gallery. That's a shame, maybe the Muvizu team can look at that...
2010/8/31 7:17:31
Codecs What I did is:

Donloaded and installed Xvid codec.
Made movies from muvizu to Xvid format.

Imported them into vegas studio, but pinnicle would do, then edit it and create video in best quality format perhaps uncompressed?

Then used CI Video Converter Max I found to convert it to Xvid.

That's just what I did, don't know if it's best way...
2010/8/31 7:05:18
Raindance competition Yes you are right Muvizu although being I thing great, the story is still king.

Other compitions in the pipeline, sounds interesting, do you think they would allow a part movie? As what i'm doing will be in parts as the story is going to be between 1 and 2 hours to tell...

I also run a site and forum for PBP gaming and believe me it's impossible to please everyone no matter how hard one tries and you guys do seem to be trying hard to please. Keep up the good work and can't wait for the new features and site.
2010/8/29 7:30:13
Backrounds, textz and objects.... Backdrops are useful for this.
From menu: Create/Backdrops, click on one then right mouse click on the back drop then press "edit" next to the picture and choose import.
I would recommend downloading gimp where you can also set transparent pixels in your image when creating your image. That way you can put backdrops to help create the illusion of other objects.

I hear future relases of Muvizu will have a method of importing other meshes too.
2010/8/28 13:20:45
First 23 seconds Thanks, done a couple of minutes of footage now, but there will be a period of about 5 weeks when I'll be so busy decorating and with guests that production may brak then, that's why I say before Christmas for part one, although maybe before.

I'm using the following software:

Muvizu (Of course) (Free)
Vegas Movie Studio (around 40 pounds) (Good for video/audio joining, transitions and management and output to many format, already had this...)
Audicity (Free) (Audio software)
MorpthVoxPro (around 30 pounds) (voice changing software)
CI Video Converter Max (Free) (Reduce/convert video files) (Just started using that, seem to do it well, anyone have any comments about it?)

The biggest problem i,m having now is try to get footage uploaded to youtube when my upload connection is only 0.38Mb It often fails and I have to try several times be it ok and can't seem to get the java assisted youtube upload to work...
2010/8/26 22:38:57
First 23 seconds Phew, just done the first 23 seconds of my project, it will be a while ( a number of weeks, but before christmas) before part 1 is complete I should think. I will be using a number of the sets I put on and the main character "Jacob Patterboon" is that of my avatar.

Yes I know i'm taking my time but I have work and a wife and kids to fit into my time too...
2010/8/26 18:37:18
Backwards compatibility maintained on sets Thanks, seems like you got that worry wel covered...
2010/8/26 18:35:51
Top 10 things I like about Muvizu You are welcome
2010/8/26 13:00:46
Resources I'll could add some time into the future some background sound/effects to my project and it's nice to see several PD sites listed.

I wonder if someone here may be able to answer, although there is much sounds/music to download free as PD, would you guys know where I can easily find a selection that is also ok to use in a non-comercial you tube vid without having to seek out the authors permission. Or is that generally what PD means? Could I use PD music on youtube vids for Muvizu without getting creators permission or do I need creators permission.
2010/8/26 12:54:26
Top 10 things I like about Muvizu Top things I like about Muvizu, in order:

1) The amazing productivity.
2) The Muvizu team willingless to listen and respond to suggestions and the help they give.
3) Lip Syncing
4) Character animations are very plentiful and flow between each other very well.
5) Nice models, that look very professional in a cartoon sense, i.e. rounded courners and good detail and colourings.
6) It's free for non-comercial use.
7) Unreal engine use, the lighting in particular due to use of this engine is 10 out of 10.
8) Decent amount of objects apparently expanding on each release.
9) It is cartoon style, other programs that go for the totally real look tend to fail, particularly with facial expressions. The non-cartoon real look is still gonna for some time require a mountain of time and lot of talent to do properly. Good choice to make Muvizu a cool cartoon look as it produces very professional results and lends itself to animation films.
10) Now I've got something to do with my relaxing time that is far better than watching any telly.
2010/8/26 12:43:03
Backwards compatibility maintained on sets I would like to see "Backwards compatibility maintained on Sets" so that a set created now will always be able to be loaded by a future version of Muvizu. Or at least a Set upgrade tool.

I realise this is something that the team may not be able to promise to do, but a desire to do this would be cool.
2010/8/26 12:39:37
Don't think I'll make it... Let's hope they do have anouther competition.

I certainly won't have completed part 1 of my project in time as it needs camera movement before I can do the animation. Although don't know if a Part 1 of a bigger story would qualify anyway?
2010/8/26 8:45:52
point A to point B animation Also the facility to set a number of charcters as a group and to animate the group as one would be nice particulary for example a set of dancers and a group of soilders marching.
2010/8/26 8:43:10
point A to point B animation I would agree, some finer more precise point to point with specified speed animation of characters would be very nice to have.
I find the real time direction a bit panicky for me and takes a few takes before I get it right.
However I understand why Muvizu has done it this way as it's very easy to pick up and understand and can be quick for many cases.

I would advise the Muvizu keep the real time direction as that's got it's place in a product like this, but would advise they have an 'Advanced direct' menu too as well as the currect direct menu. In the 'Advanced Direct' menu they could provide functionality as you describe.

The same could be said also for the dialogue.
2010/8/26 7:08:26
Robot interview and matters arising I don't read instructions on things I just go straight in and use programs, and that usually works for me but I had assumed you could load more than 1 audio and got stuck until I went and listened to the tutorial. Like your animation.
2010/8/25 21:47:05
In the Pipeline I find it refreshing that the team seem to be trying hard to listen to us and a plan for exactly when things are likely to be done past a few weeks away that would be anyway near accurate couldn't be done for all this.

Keep going the way you are and each couple of months it will be a big nice surprise to see what we get Toast
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