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2017/4/22 7:45:26
Digimania has gone into administration It's very sad for the employees of digimania and muvizu. You guys made a program for $30,- that stood way above all the expensive other animation progs out there. I've searched for muvizu alternatives and there simply aren't any that can put together an animation that easy and fast!

Thank you very much for all the work you did, guys. May you find another job soon where you can use all your skills.

If this website go's down... I'm very proud to have been a part of this great community and I've been here almost daily. It's been very nice to have "known" you all.

I hope we will find another place to show our creations to eachother.

Good luck to all!!

2017/4/6 20:43:05
Where to get Creative Commons Music for your video Thanks for the link Pat, Even for musicians it's nice when you're looking for some different moods, you could not make up yourself.
2017/4/5 16:16:03
NEW VERSION RELEASE I can't discover anything updated, only things that are still bugged...
2017/4/1 16:51:07
Building sets - Lining up walls, floors, ceilings? Hi theotherguy,

Maybe you could use the cube from my primitive shapes set. It supports UV maps with transparency.

2017/3/22 9:32:25
Moving grouped objects? Hi,

You can move objects together like they are grouped, if you have the keyframe pack. You need to create a keyframe on the same frame for every object you like to move. Then multi select all the objects with the Ctrl key and move them together to a new position.
2017/3/10 15:30:24
Where Do Babies Come From (First Muvizu Video) I forgot to say, If your system has to work harder with the lighting settings, you can select unlit mode (or F12) when building up your set.
2017/3/10 14:10:20
Where Do Babies Come From (First Muvizu Video) th3betacat wrote:
Any tutorials or possible area of the site you can direct me to to learn about those features?

Hi, there are no tutorials on lighting I believe. But if you right click in your scene and select "edit environment" you get a popup screen.

Then turn down the upper and lower brightness and set the shadow mode to Realistic (or custom for more tweaking)
Create lights and position them in your scene to light your objects.
You can turn off shadows of individual lights to reduce the amount of different shadows.
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2017/3/10 13:28:02
Where Do Babies Come From (First Muvizu Video) Nice animation for a first! I notice you have knowlege about camera techniques. What I miss though is lights and shadows. You should turn off the ambient light and set the shadow to realistic or custom and put in some lights. It gives much more depth to your movies.
2017/3/10 13:14:06
Come along PatMarrNC wrote:
mrmuviz wrote:
Guitar solo with the lens flare was my favorite part.
Well done!

yeah! I liked that too! Your ability to anticipate visuals that have impact and then make them happen is a great gift, Ikes!

Thanks you guys! Actually it's my own favorite part as well
2017/3/8 8:16:55
Come along PatMarrNC wrote:
what action did you use for the conga player, using his hands to play the drum?

Hi Pat,

It's the action under boardroom, drum hands or something.
2017/3/8 8:15:18
Come along Nahton wrote:
I really enjoyed this Ikes. The lighting effects used on the characters really added to the viewing. Not too mention the great overall direction on the whole piece. The song was pretty good too.

Thanks Nahton! Nice to hear you liked it.
2017/3/7 11:58:44
Regarding naming audio files klausenlie wrote:

When I record audio files, what is the right way of naming them?
All of them seem to be named "unnamed"


You can't name the recordings, it's a bug in muvizu. You better use an audio recorder like audacity. See this topic:
2017/3/7 11:49:30
Come along Thanks guys!
2017/3/6 15:41:58
Come along Hi,
I always wanted to do a music videoclip with muvizu. This song is written and sung by my old friend Gerald Zuidema, to who I dedicate this video.

Enjoy the show!


P.S. Thanks to Pat for the piano and solo guitar models!
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2017/3/6 8:24:30
Transparent Video doby wrote:
Thanks Rod! Sadly, both false

Hi Doby,

Can you try to download and open this island from Rod, it uses transparent video on the waves. You can then determine if it's muvizu or your video not working. The waves should not be black in this set.

2017/3/2 21:13:46
How do I apply the texture on the entire object ? Hi Nassim,

You need to model an extra dome with normals pointing inwards, or you need to import the object in muvizu as an ASE as double sided.
2017/3/2 19:28:59
I loose lipSyng Arcanebits wrote:
You IKES!! Youu are the BOSS!



Thanks! Maybe this image will clear it out even more how you can use audio files for dialog.

2017/3/2 19:15:02
I loose lipSyng Hi,

You can't use more than one audio file of dialog for a character. You will need to combine the different files into one audio file in an audio editor. You can make one audio file with the voice of one character and another file for the other character, or you can have the conversation of both characters in one file, they will then lipsync to the same audio file and you need to direct the talk and shush manually.
2017/3/2 16:37:04
How do I turn of Gravity for a character? Hi,

In muvizu there is no gravity that you can turn on or off. Characters in a sitting position don't really sit ON objects, they're just in that pose whether there is a object or not. You need to adjust the size of the object to make it look they sit on it. If you turn on "can be stood on" they will not be able to sit on it, because their feet will be on top of the invisible collision shape of the object.
edited by ikes on 02/03/2017
2017/3/1 12:52:01
picture change background nbtoon wrote:
its not working. when i switch the picture the old one is gone...

How are you switching the picture?
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