Halloween Spooky Challenge: The winners

by Muvizu_Admin in Competitions

Last month we challenged Muvizuers to create their best, spookiest and most inspired Halloween-themed creations and they did not disappoint! But alas, there can only be one - well, three - winner(s). The top prize and the two runner-up prizes were announced on the forum but we've collated them here for posterity's sake (also to make you watch the videos again!)

Without further ado, I present the winners of the Spooky challenge.

In first place and winning a brand new Wacom tablet is Artpen and his Trick or Treated video

Second and third place goes to Ziggy72 for Mysteries of science 2

and Woztoons for the very spooky Midnight 

Each winner will receive a copy of Aardman Animation's 'Cracking Animation - The Aardman book of 3D animation', a copy of the excellent 'Masters of cinema - Tim Burton' and a £50 voucher from Amazon - because you guys know what you like to buy better than we do.

Congratulations to the winners but don't forget - in our eyes, you're all winners! Thanks for taking part everyone. This may be a good time to start thinking 'Christmas'......

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  1. Marco_D
    • Marco_D - Over a year ago
    • Congratulations to the winners and to everyone that participated on our contest :)
  2. WozToons Experimental user
    • WozToons - Over a year ago
    • Wow...I am speechless. May I thank the Academy for their decision and congratulate the other two winners. I would also like to thank my parents for having me, my wife for nagging me, my children for pestering me and my dogs for licking me and anyone else who may have contributed to this unprecedented success.

      Well done again Artpen and Ziggy and thank you Muvizu. :D
  3. Dreeko Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • Dreeko - Over a year ago
    • in the words of young Mr Grace.... "you've all done very well!"
  4. missay1991
    • missay1991 - Over a year ago
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  5. Thanapongxxx
    • Thanapongxxx - Over a year ago
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