Doctor Office / Hospital

Doctor Office / Hospital

by Teesa
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Two examine rooms (one with two beds), huge waiting room and a bathroom. Possible use as a hospital.

bathroom, doctor office, Hospital, waiting room

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  1. starlitemoon
    • starlitemoon - Over a year ago
    • This is fabulous, thank you
  2. InsaneHamster
    • InsaneHamster - Over a year ago
    • The doctor is in now! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Teesa
    • Teesa - Over a year ago
    • You are welcome :)
  4. vidzspace
    • vidzspace - Over a year ago
    • Nice looking ! Thank you for sharing this.
  5. Loves777
    • Loves777 - Over a year ago
    • Greetings Teesa, I am SO VERY disappointed that I can no longer access your wonderful Doctor's Office/ Hospital Set. PLEASE if you could update your set for us that would be GREAT!!!

      Please share this project again,

      From one of your FANS on Muvizu ;-D