Kids with Round Heads!

Kids with Round Heads!

by PatMarrNC
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Reading through the forum history, I saw comments from users wishing for kids with more proportionally correct heads. So I made two head attachments that are rounder, have fat cheeks, and a protruding top lip (characteristic of a child). Set includes:

1 infant in diaper, 1 toddler wearing baby type jumpsuit, 1 male adolescent, 1 female adolescent, 1 cupid, and a child's bedroom with crib, dresser and changing station. Set was saved in version 2016.01.15.01R, may not open in earlier versions

Head is applied as a HAT, so using these characters will prohibit the use of any other hat. Trying to add a different hat will result in the removal of the round head.

Heads are so large that it an be a challenge getting the stock hair options to cover the head... you will have to enlarge and reposition hair, eyes ears etc

Since these are resized "older" characters, you can also use them for bald adults

baby, bald, bedroom, boy, child, crib, cupid, elderly, girl, kids, valentine

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  1. LugofilmLtd
    • LugofilmLtd - Over a year ago
    • Thanks a lot! I can definitely use this for a project I'm developing.
  2. PatMarrNC Muvizu mogul
    • PatMarrNC - Over a year ago
    • Awesome, LugofilmLtd! That's exactly what I was hoping! Remember the set was saved in the latest version of Muvizu and may not open in previous versions. Even if you save the characters as favourites, you may not be able to access those favourites in previous versions. Workaround is to use the latest version for any scenes that involve these characters, saving head moves for last
  3. MickeyAardvark
  4. PatMarrNC Muvizu mogul
    • PatMarrNC - Over a year ago
    • Since creating this set of round-headed kids, the Muvizu team has released a set of Asian characters, which includes a male and female adolescent... both of which have round heads! So if you need kids for your projects, I strongly recommend that you buy the Asian Character pack (and if you still need more kids.. download my KIDS WITH ROUND HEADS pack, and you can make a whole neighborhood!
  5. delagranda
    • delagranda - Over a year ago
    • Thanks for sharing!!!