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  1. 3D: CCTV Camera

    by claireq
  2. Tags: security3Dcamera2011cctvmodel
  3. 3D: Submarine

    by Mike_Num_5
  4. Tags: tutorialseaunderwatermilitarytransparentmodelhow totransparencysubsubmarineboattorpedotrimble sketchupgoogle sketchup
  5. 3D: Fountain

    by MToon
  6. Tags: modelmotiontoonmonument
  7. 3D: Mini TV

    by ITAK
  8. Tags: tvFilm & Animationmodelmini
  9. Set: The Justus

    by majeston
  10. Tags: newArttextureawesomeboymodeltexturingthe justusmajeston