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2014/4/15 19:20:38
Coming Soon... InsaneHamster wrote:
Any time frame on completion there Ziggy?

I refer you to my New Year post for the answer to that...

This isn't a crowd scene (thankfully!) but rather the contents of my Cast set, where they all live in separate sections (sort of like holding pens) ready to be copy/pasted into their relevant sets. It's a big project because, even though it's only half an hour, I want to make it look as good as I can possibly make it. That takes a loooooong time...
2014/4/14 19:27:05
Coming Soon... Thanks jmlevesque, and yes, working with a dozen characters is hard, but over 100... forget it! I struggled through it though, with much coffee, swearing, and then more coffee. And more swearing. Incidentally, I'm actually in that theatre shot - front row, right side, right in the middle with the Zoidberg tshirt on. That's how desperate I got trying to think of people types to put in!

And I keep doing it to myself - tricky crowd scenes, always crowd scenes... like this one - no fun in executing someone in private, it seems

Just keep telling yourself it'll all be worthwhile...eventually. It's what keeps me going anyway Big Grin
2014/4/8 1:41:19
Coming Soon... Still beavering away on Sammamish. Just a test shot, WIP.

It's going to be very textured, if nothing else
2014/4/6 18:44:26
Ok, another question please... Eh, no, not quite what I meant... In the face mask options, one of them is called Photo Face Mask. When you select that, you get the default photo (GWBush) already on it. To change it, click on it in the properties bit and select your AVI instead. I was in no way intending anyone put Bush anywhere near anything ever
2014/4/6 17:25:57
Ok, another question please... I just tried it, and realised I should expand a bit - when you use Face Mask, you select Photo face mask, then click on the default photo (G Dubbya Bush) and select your AVI. That should do it - as to which codec of AVI is best, refer to every other forum thread addressing that one...
2014/4/5 23:00:18
Ok, another question please... Facemask - try using a facemask, and load the video onto that. Chuckles used this technique in his mad surrealist vids, I remember, and it looked freaky.
2014/4/5 22:57:07
The Duck Song Nicely done, I like the colours you used and how bright it is - although, personally speaking, as the stall holder, I'd have shot that f**king duck, but that's just me Big Grin
2014/4/2 22:24:51
thumbnails Re-installing should fix it, but you could also try right-clicking on the set file and use Open With.. to force Windows to reassociate the .set files with Muvizu.
2014/4/2 22:23:11
importing video... MarkWaldo wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
Muvizu doesn't support audio on any imported video. Never has, unfortunately.

Import the video, then prepare audio, select new track, import the audio as an mp3 audio track making sure the audio and video were aligned before importing it. You can adjust the volume there and it will play with the rest of your project.

Good idea, never thought of doing it that way - I always add the audio later on, once I'm editing, rather than using the 'live' sound from Muvizu itself. But that'll work too
2014/4/2 22:21:23
Facial motion capture Freaky. I want one
2014/4/1 23:54:52
importing video... Muvizu doesn't support audio on any imported video. Never has, unfortunately.
2014/3/31 19:08:13
rendered video is a mess! There is a 2gb limit on AVI files (it's a windows thing for the version of AVI encoder Muvizu uses) - any movie bigger than 2gb will make your video player go a bit nuts, and your video editor won't even play it. At full HD, that gives you 20 seconds, in 720 you get 1 minute. Or render out using TGA sequences instead, which has no limits, but does require a video editor (like Vegas, Premiere, etc) to stick it back together again as an editable movie. Or try rendering out using a different codec (if Muvizu gives you any options - I know the 64bit version doesn't really). A different codec can still give good results, at a fraction of the file size. Hope that helps.
2014/3/30 13:29:41
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) Another new one. I'd just changed my windows sound settings (assigning new audio files to Windows events via Personalisation options) back to the way I had it (been using one of the Win7 defaults up till now) and, after a restart, ran Muvizu, loaded my set off the recently used list, and got this :

The set continued to load (it all looked fine) and then Muvizu crashed out. Loaded Muvizu again (no restart), same set again, loaded fine. Weird. I mention the audio change because of the last two lines, although I don't see how it can be linked...
2014/3/30 8:36:58
Texture tutorials Solid advice from Urban, as usual
Myself, I use photographs which I then distort to fit the UV - any details like creases and the like I draw in. Sometimes it's actually easier to just draw the clothes based on what you need rather than trying to fit a picture to it. The trickiest bit (I find) is covering the join line between top and bottom half of the character - your real clothes don't have a join line across your belly button The next time I do a full texture I'll record it and put it up as a tutorial, maybe it'll help, because it's difficult to convey what you mean without seeing it.

Also Hamster, my basic TShirt and jeans combo http://www.muvizu.com/Texture/25876/T-shirt-Jeans is a decent starting base to work from (when you put the UV on top of it as a layer).
2014/3/24 13:53:08
Cannibals Yup Hamster, better vid, good job But are you sure you really want to tell people "let me know if you see something I can improve upon" because, in my experience, there's always something you can improve upon. Usually you'll see it as you're doing it, some you don't spot till it's finished, some you only spot after you think you've finished, and some you don't know about at all until someone points it out to you 6 weeks later... But hey, if you like the feedback we'll keep chipping in, I'm just sayin' is all
2014/3/17 20:33:21
Spiderbomb Review Nice vid, hated the game though - so annoying! Mind you, might take another crack at it...damn you explodey spider!!!
2014/3/14 20:44:51
Coming Soon... fazz68 wrote:

I am very afraid What the flip have you gone and created now?!
2014/3/13 19:00:37
You can still download version 8 from their website

Thanks for that - couldn't find the link on Sketchup's site to get to that bit (which I thought should be easy to find, but no...) so had to find it elsewhere. Good to know Trimble haven't ruined Sketchup completely then
2014/3/12 19:51:08
PROBLEMS WITH SKETCHUP EXPORT First off, the latest version of Sketchup is actually not a good place to start. Download the older version, Sketchup 8. (I found it (again) here : http://www.downloadcrew.co.uk/article/13205-google_sketchup )

Then have a look through this topic... http://www.muvizu.com/Forum/topic3486-import.aspx ...which will get you started, and the plugin that works is here : http://www.rodneyandberty.co.uk/downloads/

Good luck out there
2014/3/10 14:51:17
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) New one for me - on loading up a set that had no issues before, got an error box which says :

SECURE CRT:Invalid parameter detected.
Expression:Unknown Function:Unknown. File:Unknown Line:0

Okayed it, Windows reported the crash, reran Muvizu, set loaded fine.
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