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2012/9/6 1:50:26
SUPERHERO Costume Textures.... EEFilmz wrote:
....but what I was specifically referring to was whoever did the textures of the superheroes to the link you sent me, they put black backgrounds around the art, so the faces turn out black!?...

Odd - I have all those textures myself as well, but they don't turn out black. Are they still saved as .png files? If they're converted to something else the transparency won't work.

Update - just went back to the original link to check, and notice that on the first page you get to, they are shown on a black background - this is the non-transparent preview, not the costume file itself. You have to click on the image to load up the actual .png file (with transparency intact) and save that one instead. Daft way of doing it, but whatchagonnado? Anyway, hope that helps.
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2012/9/5 20:01:37
binaries32\ue3shadercompileworker.exe! Hi Nebulluz - I would assume that, since you've got to the point of loading a set, that you've successfully installed Muvizu and ran it. That error message tends to be about not having the right version of Muvizu installed to load the set, in my experience. Since the City At Night set is one I made ages ago, and has been used by other people without issues, I would guess Marco's next question will be "which version of Muvizu do you have installed?". Also, is it the 64bit version or the 32bit one? Don't remember there being a 64bit version of Xp...was there? Can't remember - anyway, something to consider.
2012/9/5 15:49:25
Excruciatingly slow when editing. herseem wrote:
The graphics card is an 8x AGP Radeon 3600 with 400MHz clock and 512Mb of DDR2 memory on board, and has shader 4.01.

Pretty sure that's your problem right there. An ancient AGP video card is not much cop for running a game engine. And worse still, there's no upgrade path - you can get a slightly faster AGP card, but it's still going to be slooooow. I know you don't want to hear it, but you need a new(er) PC with a fast video card. Damn Computer..
2012/9/5 15:44:10
SUPERHERO Costume Textures.... As with the Kiss skins, the character textures are made for a particular one - a costume made for the Fat Man character will not work on the standard Man or Boy character, for example. I know that the Hulk skin is for the Fat Man character, but I'm not sure about the rest (I think they are mostly for the standard Man though, from what I remember). You could alter the UV maps to suit the character you're using, but to be honest I'd recommend just using whatever the original artist intended (it would have been nice if they'd actually labelled the costumes to reflect which character they were for, but what can you do? )
2012/9/3 19:26:21
SUPERHERO Costume Textures.... I believe what you are looking for is here :

2012/8/31 18:54:06
Length of the Character Actions This is your answer right here -

wdeprospo wrote:
I know that if I time it perfectly, sometimes I can go to idle on a conversation down movement which does soften the movement.

Timing is the only way you can do it, other than slowing down/playing around with the footage in the editing stage. I know this from many long and trying hours going over and over the idle cutoff position to find the one place where it works well, so that is doesn't look jerky, as you say. This subject comes up again and again, in various threads, but there's just no way (yet) to alter the character animations pre-set path and speed. Still, at least you know where to address your pleadings...
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2012/8/30 21:34:14
Freeze! While you're in Prepare Camera Movement mode, just (carefully) click on the cross and drag it where you want. I say carefully because it's easy to drag the camera instead. Once the pink cross is where you want it, you can get the pan around effect by using the left/right arrow keys when recording. Hope that helps.
2012/8/28 22:54:19
question re: face/polygon count limits in muvizu "65 thousand faces is the limit for collision" is what Muvizu says - however, that's just what it says. What it means is 'we lost count a while back and your model may be horribly messed up or just not load at all' Not really Muvizu's fault I think, more a limitation of the engine. You can have models of about 20 or 30k I find, but after that you might struggle. I try to either keep it simple, or break the model up and bring it in, piece by piece, collision removed, and reassemble it.

Actually, you might find that the real problem is scale - how physically big the model is, going by the importer's automatic scaling ratios. I found that in Sketchup I could only export models that were no more than 30 metres across any axis (going by Sketchup's inbuilt scale) because I couldn't fit it inside Muvizu's snowglobe (oo er missus) and I'd always get the 'object too big to fit' message (ooooo er!). I'm sure you'll eventually encounter this with Blender too, just to give you a head's up, so I'd recommend you try to discover your optimum (relative) size for objects now, to save a lot of pain later (unless any other Blender users out there already know?).
2012/8/28 20:06:33
Super 10 (seconds) Thanks everyone! And thanks to Muvizu HQ for their continuing dedication to make the sort of brilliant software that allows us to create idiotic animations like mine I must confess, I entered the competition without actually checking to see what the prize was - they look awesome though. Also, I didn't post the video through Muvizu, just straight to YouTube - d'oh! Never mind, can't be helped. Anyway, thanks again!
2012/8/26 18:35:45
Super 10 (seconds) Couldn't see any way to post anything on your Facebook page - no doubt because I'm not (and never will be) a member. Still, here's my tuppence worth anyway

2012/8/26 15:02:41
i cant open this app I'd suggest uninstalling Muvizu, then downloading .net 4 seperately from here


And then, once it's installed, restart your machine before installing Muvizu. Fingers crossed
2012/8/24 19:42:18
Disappearing Character Hi wdeprospo - had the same problem too, and it's a bug in Muvizu, nothing you're doing. As to why it only does it sometimes...dunno, but you'll probably have to animate your scene in a different way to get round it. No amount of repositioning on the timeline seems to prevent it. Hope that helps.
2012/8/21 19:07:10
Super 10 (seconds) Does it matter if you're not on Facebook, have never been, will never be, and would like it to disappear back up into it's own vaccuous black hole of insignifigance and pointlessness? Just askin'...
2012/8/19 22:30:24
propeller That model is fixed, and so you can't alter the propeller at all. You'll have to get a plane model without a propeller, along with a movie file of a propeller spinning, then put the movie on a backdrop and match it up with the plane. Or you could get a propeller model and rotate that, but that would look, well, a bit weak to be honest. Objects don't spin all that fast in Muvizu. Pity it wasn't a jet
2012/8/18 16:04:19
New ASE exporter with ZiggyMesh Bloody brilliant! I too, ironically, forget to add my own mesh to my objects and have to go back, edit the .ase file, reimport, etc. Real time saver this, thanks Berty! Thumbs Up
2012/8/12 16:06:56
Help! What's with the colours Barry? Nice water Dylly, like the wave shape. I have also had the exact same problem, but with just ground planes. The planes were all identical copies of one original (full size, with a 512x512 .jpg file on it) and for some reason, a couple of then were a different brightness regardless of what lighting was used or what the Illuminate was set to.

I tried the usual - copy and pase (nope), delete, recopy original, repaste (nope), reload set (nope), exit Muvizu, reload...nope. It was as if that set was determined, from that point on, to do that with any ground plane I created. Didn't try it with a backdrop instead - at the time was too busy, so just shot around it instead. Any ground planes created in other existing/new sets were fine. Forgot about it until I seen your post here.

Thing is, that was with the last stable version, not this one. I haven't seen it reoccur since, so you'd think the problem was gone, but apparently not...also, just checked, and I binned that set after I'd finished with it (it was just a night version of another set, which is fine).
2012/8/11 0:31:33
Its not allowing me to "Make Movie" Try here - same problem, saves me having to explain it again


Hope that helps
2012/8/10 12:28:19
Get Your Arse To Mars Awesome picture, especially if you zoom in first before you pan across. Strange how blue it looks for the Red Planet!
2012/8/8 19:42:31
insert video in my scene gimmick wrote:

What are the correct settings for the imported AVI files in Muvizu?

(pixels, codec, sound on/off, mp3/PCM, duration, weight of the file...)

Everyone always recommends VirtualDub to do this, but I've never used it. My own procedure is as follows:

Any Video Converter (free, excellent bit of software)
- Create 'Customised AVI'
- Set codec to Xvid
- Set resolution to 'Original'
- Set bitrate to less than 1000k for background stuff, higher (but very demanding on PC) for foreground stuff.
- Set framerate to 25 fps

Sound is set to off - I don't think Muvizu supports audio on imported videos (I don't use any sound from Muvizu, hence my uncertainty).

The longer the cllp, the more it will slow down your PC, so keep it short and as small a file size as possible. I don't know of any time limit on imported video, but I don't think that's a problem as after a few hundred meg it all slows down too much to work with effectively anyway. Hope this helps
2012/8/8 19:25:18
Please add a save every 5 minutes or so... Lev_Dynamite wrote:
Regardless, I personally think that the strength of my absolute outrage when losing half an hour or more of unsaved work to a crash far outweighs the strength of my mild displeasure when having to wait a few seconds for something to back-up what I've done, so I'll re-propose the autosave feature idea to the devs and see if they can be talked 'round!

I must be more paranoid than most people, as I save before and after changing anything. But it does seem odd that we don't even get the chance to choose wether we want autosave or not. Give 'em hell, Lev!
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