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2011/6/24 14:52:30
Meet the Medic The little details make it a brilliant movie

2011/6/24 14:51:49
Keep my charaters drive a scooter Ciao,

Ci sono animazioni che permettono all'attore di interagire con i veicoli.
Attraverso la preparazione del menu - le azioni di carattere. Fare clic su un pulsante per aprire le animazioni del menu.
Scegliere l'opzione "Temi" e poi cliccare su "Biker".

Purtroppo, queste animazioni per misura la maggior parte "Chooper" che un "motorino".

Cordiali saluti,
2011/6/24 11:14:21
Keep my charaters drive a scooter Ciao mrsponkie,

Vediamo se si può aiutare

Per fare l'attore sentire lo scooter aprire il seguente menu: Preparare - Character actions.
Ci sono due pulsanti che conrespondem lo "Initial State". Dove dice "Stand", fare clic e cambiare lo "Stand" a "Sit". Così l'attore sarà seduto.
Ci sono animazioni che rendono l'attore in piedi, evitare l'utilizzo di queste animazioni.
Un altro problema che può sorgere e la collisione entrare l'attore e lo scooter.
Per questo c'è un modo per risolvere il problema utilizzando un "Backdrop - Ground Plane".
Posizionare il "Ground plane" tra le gambe dell'attore e lo scooter.

Dopo essere diventato il "Ground Plane" più piccolo e invisibile. Nella finestra delle proprietà scegliere "nessuno" come texture.

Spero che questo aiuti.

Purtroppo non abbiamo un ebook. Abbiamo tutorial in inglese, ma forse in un prossimo futuro possiamo tradurre questi video.

Cordiali saluti,
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2011/6/24 11:01:10
upload 1,22 GB video Ciao mrsponkie,

Sono contento che sono riusciti a risolvere il problema.
Infatti il codec XviD è il più utilizzato per tutti. Il bene e la qualità e la compressione dei video è eccellente.

Se hai bisogno di aiuto, non esitate a contattarci.

Cordiali saluti,
2011/6/23 14:27:12
upload 1,22 GB video Ciao Mrsponkie,

Mi dispiace di aver perso il file originale.
Ma avendo il file avi non tutto è perduto. 1,22 gb Tuttavia è in realtà un "upload" troppo lungo.

La soluzione potrebbe essere quella di modificare il file .avi in un programma come Windows Movie Maker. Questo programma consente di comprimere il video e quindi la loro dimensione è più piccola.
Così sarà più facile da caricare(Upload).

Dal momento che non hanno il file originale sarà dificial trovare una soluzione migliore.

Cordiali saluti,
2011/6/22 15:24:12
a problem with Muvizu installer Hi goofiesouth,

Thanks for the update. It seems the file was fully downloaded.
I will wait and see if another installer will solve your problem. You can also try downloading it from one of the mirror sites we have available.

You can find them here:

Please keep us posted.

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2011/6/22 13:51:32
a problem with Muvizu installer Hi goofiesouth,

Sorry to hear that you are having a hard time with Muvizu.
Have you tried to download it again? Also can you please tell us the file size, just so we can determine if the file was fully downloaded?

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2011/6/22 9:32:49
Problem! Monkeysyd wrote:
My Muvizu refused to open so I re-downloaded it but there are no characters, objects, backgrounds or anything else! Is there a specific thing to do about it or just keep re-downloading it? i'd appreciate help. thanks.

Hi Monkeysyd,

Sorry to hear that you having problems running Muvizu.

Can you please tell me if you installed Muvizu into the default folder, or did you specify a new path?
Also, please make sure your firewall it's not blocking Muvizu.

Please let us know if the problem persists.

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2011/6/17 12:32:20
audio jumping around! That usually works for me Enjoy Mr.D and have a nice weekend

2011/6/16 12:43:22
The newest Muvizu release... Hey Dreeko,

Thanks for letting us know.
We have spotted a problem with the 64 bit after a few reports and we will make sure it's fixed in the next release.

2011/6/15 11:22:33
Facial animation Indeed guys.

Our development team is always looking for ways to improve and/or add features to Muvizu.
Although we are in the beta stage, unstable builds / features is not an option for us. We have high standards on that regard.

So if/when this feature is added you can be sure it will allow you to make the most out of it
Like Dreeko, I'm looking forward to this and can't wait till I put my hands on it.

2011/6/13 11:31:46
Interface & Timeline Now I know why the forums have been quiet!

Looking forward to it guys.

2011/6/13 11:28:26
Computer not fast enough? Hey guys,

Just a friendly reminder since not everyone is computer savvy.
To use Muvizu 64 bit version you need to have a 64 bit operating sytem
Otherwise things can get a bit messy.

To see if you operating system is 64 bit follow these steps:

1 - Click the start button
2 - Right-click over "Computer" and select properties
3 - Notice the system type.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any questions about this.

2011/6/6 11:08:37
Muvizu and mice Hi Dim,

Welcome to Muvizu

I would also avoid top gaming mouses, that claim having a faster response to your "clicks".
A few milliseconds won't make a difference, since we "still" don't have head-shots in Muvizu

2011/5/31 16:05:56
Problem with New Upgade dannyduo wrote:
No I did not have any Luck with this, I did install with Direct X but I still get the Error message.

Thanks for your input tho'


Hey Danny,

Sorry to hear that you are having problems.
I think mcmillan-ra is right, if you installed with DirectX, then it is probably your video card drivers that need to be updated or re-installed.

Please try this and let us know if the problem was fixed.

2011/5/31 15:52:33
The newest Muvizu release... Hey guys,

If you are having problems with the brightness, one of the things you can do is use the scene manager window to turn down the brightness of all the lights.
Of course if you have specific settings on one of the lights, this won't help much.

Press Ctrl+W and select the lights tab, select all the actors on that tab and click the edit button.
This way you will be able to use the brightness slider for all the lights.

I hope this helps a bit.

2011/5/31 14:28:56
Download Mirrors Hello everyone,

The May release is now available on

Please refer to the posts above for more details. Thank you.

2011/5/27 3:07:55
cannot download and run muvizu Glad everything got sorted out Have fun.

2011/5/26 15:26:29
cannot download and run muvizu Hi Penman,

You can also try one of the external links. You can find there here:
Please note the only Filefront/Gamefront is hosting the latest version.

edited by Marco_D on 26/05/2011
2011/5/26 14:08:27
nothing available in the program Hey Matty,

Sorry to hear that you are having problems with Muvizu.

That usually happens when something goes wrong with the download.
I would suggest trying uninstall Muvizu and install it again.

Please let us know if you managed to find a solution for it.

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