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2011/6/16 2:37:35
Facial animation This is an intense debate. Darth Lightsabers
2011/6/14 18:33:21
Facial animation Hmmmm. I mostly agree with D, but not entirely. What is currently in Muvizu is fun and creative, but many features are half-baked at their current state. Along the way, in order to get things going on Muvizu the developers have had to say 'this'll do for now" several times.

I don't mind if they keep chipping away without the fully formed feature, as long as they lay a good foundation for things to blossom over time. So I wouldn't wish for things to be half-baked in terms of Muvizu going down an alternative road that's so-so. However, I don't mind half-baked if it's the start of a good facial animation system that is not yet fully featured.
2011/1/28 3:42:45
Keep Youutube from Blocking Music I have heard that if Youutuube recognizes a copyrighted song or music that it will block or silence the audio track on a video.

Since there are some cool music videos made with Muvizu, I was wondering if anyone here has run into this. Anyone? And if so, are there work arounds?
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2010/12/29 4:04:37
This Side of Midnight Bikanermarket ...Sounds awfully spammy to me. Please Bikanermarket, tell us your favorite genre!
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2010/12/2 20:05:14
log in from software Bump!
2010/12/1 20:09:56
log in from software Okay, sorry, that's not what I was looking for or getting at then.

The program itself says to login and more textures and what not will be available? I've logged in way in the past and I could not find additional textures in the software program. Now I can't even log in.

So what's the bottom line here? Are there extra textures available or not?

And...what's the status on being able to/not being able to log in?

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2010/11/30 1:00:38
Moviestorm - Let your ideas run freely Fair enough. BUT...and I know I will sound a bit harsh here. Some of the animations I've seen from MS are clunky, wooden, and too naturalistic (but a wooden naturalistic if that makes any sense). And the naturalistic animations I've seen I suspected to be mocap because they aren't cleaned up, they are jerky in some cases.

Some animations looked okay, and now that you're telling me they were not mocaped, I have to suspect the graph editor had not been touched and left unpolished (Naturalistic can work when hand animated into creatures in films, because they are meant to interact with human characters).
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2010/11/29 20:29:05
Objects and characters wont appear in spawn box Oh cool, what does this update address?

And is it the download on the download page proper?

2010/11/29 20:25:58
log in from software Where do download assets on the website after we've logged into the website?

2010/11/29 20:20:42
Moviestorm - Let your ideas run freely Well Muvizu is certainly headed in the right direction, whereas Moviestorm's path is a bit off. Plus they've been developing forever by now and their eyes still don't move! They are locked looking straight ahead. Crazy! Insane!

I'm guessing most if not all of their motion comes from motion capture. This is okay, sorta, but lacks the snap and passion of real animation. The smooth cartoonish and sometimes snappy motions in Muvizu were hand animated by animators.

I don't agree that moviestorm is better for dark movies...
2010/11/20 9:29:44
MachinExpo / Muvizu Competition. Deadline Dec 10th Thanks for listing the steps to enter. I got what Holiday Hell was...I was kind of being silly and trying to play on words, similar to "what in the hell..."
But back to the steps to enter...are you and more importantly Muvizu sure that's a good idea?
Uploading a movie here on the site does not seem to be a quick turn around and sometimes doesn't seem to take at all. Or so the forums say. If people are trying to make the midnight deadline they should be able to control it a bit better than using the upload feature on this site, and praying they will get a link to take.
Just my thoughts, cheers.
2010/11/20 2:09:02
MachinExpo / Muvizu Competition. Deadline Dec 10th Thanks!

But I have to say, some of their language is a bit confusing: "under their account on our site"

What in Holiday Hell does that mean? Can you please spell out the steps as you understand them?
2010/11/18 23:01:15
MachinExpo / Muvizu Competition. Deadline Dec 10th Is there a limit on the number of entries by one person?
2010/10/13 17:24:08
Animatable objects-props Oh cool!!! Will there be a hand/arm animation that sims the character opening the door to go along with it? Thanks!
2010/10/5 18:02:32
Animatable objects-props Thanks for saying. If you have must haves and limitations, you have must haves and limitations. I understand that. And yes, like Mysto said a few times - you're doing good work. Just letting you know what the last big target is before you might be able to take over the market. In my mind it's a race between you and the others.

In many ways for as short a period as you've been around I feel you have the edge. They certainly have larger elephants in the room, imho.

I'm curious, is there another thread where you post the list of items you're putting into the next two releases? Such a thing might keep vocal lads like myself a bit more quiet…might

To points by Barrys: Great questions. Spot on ones in fact. However, I would take a flawed prop handling system first, and then all of your permutations included in later releases. Even if a character at the normal size without scaling was the only one where the handling matched up, and the grips were uniform, it would be better to workaround that than having to sign for packages, drop packages, and open doors offscreen.

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2010/10/4 19:31:40
Animatable objects-props mcmillan-ra wrote:
1. Not yet. We will address this at somepoint in the future - it is on our very long "to do" list - I can't say when it will happen though. I can say it won't be in this iteration - or in the next as those are both planned out. Maybe the one after that. A fair chunk of stuff in the next release starts to lay the foundations for it to happen.

I'm new here, and I also greatly appreciate and realize that you're developing a beta work in progress...BUT...beyond making the objects animatable first (which makes sense), why wouldn't you have handling props highest next on your list?

It's pretty much the one feature that's missing in your robust platform. I like your cameras, lights, characters, movement. Good stuff. But being able to handle props is pretty basic to these types of software AND of course movie making in general. Without props you've only got talking heads, or walking and talking heads. Use of props convey so much about characters and their intentions, beyond the practicality and realism of using them.

iClone and Moviestorm have such a feature. If you are to stake out your place as a contender I'd say unplan the release after this one and GET PROP HANDLING in there!!! No joke here, if you do the math handling of props MIGHT (and only might) be in Muvizu by the beginning of March 2011. It could easily NOT BE in that release and therefore not make it until May, July, or worse yet September 2011!!! I say, GEt that lovely feature in there by January! Certainly you've got a window of opportunity to take over part of the market from those lovely people. However, if you don't seize the moment now you may not catch that all important train to Moviemakerdominanceville.
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