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2017/4/26 10:01:13
Digimania has gone into administration I'm sad to read it all of that. I am not very present in the forums because I do not speak good English and especially because I have to take care of my two young children but if it is soon the end, I also wanted to tell you that the users of Muvizu form a very beautiful Community and it was really a pleasure to see your videos.

Concerning my sets in the store, it's really damaging because I thought to increase my production and offer you many new sets ... I have already worked hard to make the decorations that are in the store, and until today I did not reach the threshold of 100 pounds so I did not earn anything. I will suspend my publications.

For those interested, in a while, I will open a shop on the site CGTrader (see my website www.wabbysland.com) for the link. You will be able to can buy decors in 3D stardard formats (OBJ and FBX).

I'd also like to redo videos, but my PC is old and Muvizu crash all the time. I hoped one day to have a new computer but at that time, there may be no more Muvizu ... :-(
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2017/1/22 12:48:35
New Character Really fantastic ! Bravo Cool
2017/1/18 8:15:20
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Thanks Rocque, I'm glad you like it

Here is a new set : The medieval interior kit

With his 20 pieces, this set ideally complements the other packs of the medieval series for all your interior scenes.

More visuals : Wabbysland.com
Before working on abother (really) big other medieval set I continue the Sci-Fi series to complete the "modular spaceship corridors"

Opinion and feedback are welcome, as always !
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2017/1/17 9:22:18
Japanese song Unfinished project from last year. Very interesting and very nice result (even if it's unfinished). We want more
2017/1/5 16:56:07
WHERE ARE YOU? Super initiative, this post

I'm from south of France and playing with Muvizu for many years, now.

My main passion is making movies so in the past I made some short films (not online) and later I discovered 3D animation. Since that, I'm learning every day, essentially using the fantastic software : Blender !

In an ancient life, I was a drummer and today I spend most of my time for my two young kids and making 3D art and video games as indie game developer.
2017/1/5 15:02:43
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... The medieval inn !

Hello and Happy new year for all

I'm glad to introduce you the medieval inn (exterior and interior) entirely updated from my old one : better details and collisions, ready to use in Muvizu.

Let me know if you like the idea to separate the first floor and the ground floor for easiest use (especialy for cameras)

Next to come : some medieval crockery !

2016/11/30 12:46:42
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Do you want some medieval houses?

Hello, I'm glad to introduce you some of my new assets : The medieval houses Kit 1 and Kit 2

And a FREE sample : A sweet cottage for your external medieval or countryside scene !

2016/11/21 14:13:59
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store Hello, I introduce you a new serie of assets for your interior spaceship scenes Cool

The Modular spaceship corridors and the spaceship elevator (a free sample of this new serie). More assets to come to complete these two first assets...

2016/11/4 15:57:24
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... drewi wrote:
Thanks Wabby. What sort of collision object did you make to enable the pilot to sit in the plane? Is it like a seat size block?
edited by drewi on 04/11/2016

I simply use different cubes (named UCX) at the wheels and under the pilot's seat. This technique (using Blender) is explained in the Wiki Muvizu.
It's difficult for me to explain more... my English is not very good. I hope it helps.
2016/11/4 11:54:22
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... After adding some medieval sets (Various stuff and Furnitures), here is a new FREE one :

A toon biplane in two variants : with propellers ON and OFF

And please... Let me know what you think about it
2016/11/1 13:05:10
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Very nice sets, drewi Cool
2016/10/25 13:37:18
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Hello there, I'm so happy to see so much wonderful things in the store

And I'm so busy with my two young kids... one day I will have free time to make new movies, but for now I begin to put some of my assets in the store (sorry for the late, I have missed that it was open for months, now :cool).

So here is a first asset for free: a medieval well :

This model includes collision mesh so your characters can stand on it. This set includes some basic textures (made by me), you can put your own for each material if you want.

Please, let me know what you think about it (technically and artistically).

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2016/4/27 12:42:25
Music Video for Netherlands band RnAM Bravo Pat Cool
2016/4/27 12:38:18
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. Hello primaveranz,

You can do that with FBX, look at the wiki for more details : http://muvizu.com/Wiki
2016/4/25 16:53:59
compositing software @Pat : There is an open source alternative to After Effects : http://natron.fr/

I have never tried it because I don't have time to learn but it looks very good.
2016/4/24 20:59:48
Coming Soon 2016 Do you like slasher movies ? Work in progress... Cool

2016/4/23 23:19:29
Flying Airplanes

In this video I only move the camera :-)
2016/4/23 23:16:10
Coming Soon 2016 Ho yes... a documentary made with Muvizu !

2016/4/23 14:18:57
Coming Soon 2016 The best and biggest Muvizu project

2017 is almost tomorrow !

"Bon courage et bonne chance" as we say in French.
2016/4/3 19:31:28
Nuts Amok #3 J'adore !
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